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Although the end product of a commercial juicer

by:KingKonree     2020-09-03

Many commercial juicer will only juice citrus fruits, some will handle whole unpeeled oranges, others will juice both fruit and vegetables.

Both worktop models and floor standing models are available. The motors in commercial juicers are generally more powerful and harder wearing as they need to stand up to the heavy use that occurs every day.

The greater durability and reliability of commercial juicers is reflected in the price tag as they tend to cost considerably more than home use juicers but this cost can be soon recouped when the machine is put to work in a commercial environment.

Juice fasting plan is simply giving your body, particularly your colon, a rest from solid food. Solid food is replaced with vegetable juices, some fruit juices, and occasional hot broths. Daily supplements are added such as power greens, herbal teas and moor elixirs rich in minerals. By giving your colon a break, it starts to discharge built up poisons otherwise known as toxins.

The nervous system can begin to properly conduct the flow of vital energy to various organs and glands. Your body gets a major tune up and begins to function as it should. Healing begins. Gain relief from pain, weight & digestive problems, bloating, mood swings, headaches and other chronic ailments to name a few.

First let's think of the customer, what types of juice do my customers want to purchase? This will depend on what kind of business you are running, customers of health clubs and juice bars for example will probably want a wider range of juices (including vegetable and wheatgrass juice) than users of a pub bar.

How much space is there available to site the juicer(s)? Is there space for a floor standing juicer in your small juice bar or would you be better with a worktop model? Do you have room for more than one juicer? Having a separate citrus juice and fruit/vegetable juicer will speed up your juice preparation time and so save on staffing costs.

How quickly can produce be fed through the juicer? This is essential in a high turnover, high volume juicing environment. How well does the juicer eject the pulp and how often does any pulp ejection bin need emptying?

What guarantee and servicing schedule come with the juicer? What happens if the juicer needs a new part? Does it need shipping from the other side of the world? Does the juicer need to be sent away for servicing or is it available on site?

How efficient is the juicer at extracting juice? The more efficient the juicer, the less fruit and veg you will need to buy to make the same amount of juice for Juice Fasting Plan. What is the juice quality like? Your customers won't keep coming back to you if your juice has huge lumps of pulp in it.

How loud is the juicer? You don't want to damage your staffs hearing or have your customers requests drowned out.

How easy is the juicer to clean? At the end of the shift your staff will be ready to go home, don't have their timesheets extended due to the fact that your commercial juicer is a nightmare to clean.

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