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by:KingKonree     2020-08-16

Of the types of mixer taps available, modern and digital mixers are most popular. Within the modern mixer tap one has the option of choosing between a concealed tap and an exposed tap. Exposed tap is easy to install and have the valves mounted on the surface. Concealed tap as the name suggests has pipe work which is concealed in the walls and gives the bathroom a neater look as the valve plumbing is hidden. Mixture taps for bathrooms and showers are classified as thermostatic and manual mixer taps. In the manual mixer tap, the temperature is not regulated constantly and water is not mixed automatically but it is a cost-effective option. On the other hand, mixer taps with built in thermostats are costly but conveniently adjust the mixture of hot and cold water and also help to save water. By keeping the pressure of cold and hot water same, one can effectively use mixer taps in the shower. Balanced mixer tap can be installed if the pressure between the hot and cold water is uneven.

Mixer taps blend the amount of cold and hot water to the desirable temperature. They control the amount of water flow and temperature of water simultaneously. Plumbing contractor is the best person to help one chose the mixer tap that best suits the bathroom's plumbing system. Mixer taps come in various looks and patterns. They may be chrome-plated, gold plated or stainless steel. The existing bathroom fixtures must be kept in mind before choosing the look and design of the mixer tap. Mixer taps are becoming increasingly popular because of their functionality and designer looks.

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