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An oven on the countertop so you don't need to

by:KingKonree     2020-08-16

Most people do not need the large amount of space in the regular oven every time they do cooking. Therefore, the smaller size of one of these is a good thing.

When you use a smaller oven, you don't have to wait as long for it to heat up. The shorter heating time consumes less electricity. In using one of these smaller ovens, you not only save time, but save money on a lower electric bill.

When you use a countertop convection toaster oven, you even add a little more to those savings. This is from using the convection function.

Convection cooking means that hot air is circulated all around the food from a fan blowing. This moving of hot air around the food causes it to cook faster. There is a little more of that time savings, which also decreases electricity consumption. And again, that gives you a little lower electric bill.

You can choose when you want to use the convection cooking function or not use it. If you prefer to do your cooking by the regular oven cooking, then you can. This is also good because some foods are better done with radiant heat.

An oven that sits on the countertop is also great for additional cooking space at times. If you like to entertain or perhaps have large family holidays, then extra oven space can sometimes be needed. A countertop convection toaster oven solves that problem.

There is a down side for these ovens. The main negative side of having one would be that you do give up some counter space. However, the ovens do come in different sizes so that you can get one that fits where you want to put it. Measure the area, including the height, and look one for one that is no bigger than the measurements you took.

Maybe you prefer the extra fast cooking that you get in a microwave oven, but don't like how the food comes out of it rather soft and pale. When it is done being heated in the microwave, you put it in the toaster oven. Now just brown and crisp it a little and it is ready to eat.

Now, if you add up all the positives for owning one - smaller oven saves time, electricity, and money, plus creating extra oven space; compare that to the negative of taking up some counter space. You will see that the pros of having a countertop convection toaster oven outweigh the con of having one of them.

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