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Analysis of the development trend of the best sanitary ware brands and the sanitary ware industry

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

With the progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the bathroom. The basic functions of the bathroom are becoming more and more perfect. The functions such as bath, toilet and toilet have been combined in various forms. Toilets, bathroom cabinets and bathtubs are deepened. Tens of millions of households, shower rooms, etc. have also begun to enter the market one after another, and the overall market is showing a trend of rapid development. More and more diversified sanitary products are also very popular with modern people, and major companies continue to enhance their comprehensive strength to improve their ability to adapt to the market, and one after another push products and brands to new heights. This also led to the birth of my country's ** sanitary ware brand. At the same time, the entire sanitary ware industry is undergoing a magnificent transformation, showing three strong trends at the same time.

Trend 1: Intelligent products

With the improvement of the quality of life, a variety of intelligent products begin to appear in our lives, providing more for our lives. Much convenience. Smart sanitary ware is no exception. Smart products that integrate multi-function, personalization, humanization and stylization will add beauty to people’s daily lives, and they will surely be favored by consumers. People are also choosing sanitary products. Not only attracted by design and sales methods, product intelligence has also become an important reference factor for consumers when choosing products. The appearance of multifunctional wash basins, intelligent temperature-regulating bathtubs, and intelligent flushing toilets will undoubtedly bring consumers more comfortable bathroom and new enjoyment. It can be seen that the intelligentization of products will surely be one of the important factors that major companies will consider in their future strategies.

Trend 2: Diversification of business

The sanitary ware industry has experienced the development stages of factory direct sales, product wholesale, general agent management, regional management, brand monopoly agency, franchise management, etc., no matter where it is A business model in which manufacturers and channels have both interests and contradictions, and they have been trying to find a more suitable business model in the contradiction. In recent years, the development of online shopping has become increasingly popular and has been recognized by more and more consumers. At the same time, it has also opened up new sales channels for the sanitary ware industry. Nowadays, the network business model is already operating in the sanitary ware industry. Although a website like **brand network maigoo does not sell products, because of its professional and authoritative brand information, many consumers have to go there to learn about relevant information before buying, and then buy again. This shows that online sales have developed to today. , The speed of development is surprising. People are no longer satisfied with the traditional way of buying. Online business provides consumers with more convenience and preferential treatment. Many successful cases illustrate the inevitable development trend of network marketing. At present, the scale of online shopping transactions in my country has accounted for 1.98% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. Some experts predict that it will reach 5% within five years. The potential of the online consumer market is huge, and online marketing has become a new battlefield for competition among sanitary ware companies, and it is bound to set off a new trend in purchasing methods.

Trend 3: Product environmental protection

Low-carbon, environmental protection, health and energy saving are modern people's higher requirements for sanitary products, and major sanitary ware brands often slogans of environmental protection and health. Various sanitary products such as bathtubs and washbasins have applied the latest high-tech technologies, which further satisfy people's current pursuit of health and quality of life in terms of water-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. Therefore, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products must be favored by the market. Consumers ** pay attention to the environmental protection of product materials and high-efficiency energy-saving functions. Nowadays, the production materials of products have used environmentally friendly materials to replace the metal materials of the past, and they are integrated and updated in appearance and function. The high-tech technology, thus satisfying more consumers. Moreover, it is understood that the new national standards clarify the average water consumption of water-saving toilets: the average water consumption of urinals does not exceed 3 liters, the average water consumption of toilets does not exceed 6 liters, and the average water consumption of squatting toilets does not exceed 8 liters. It can be seen that saving energy will be a new battlefield for various sanitary ware companies to compete. At the same time, a distributor of a well-known brand told reporters that “energy saving is not only limited to the product itself, but also the environmentally friendly materials used in the outer packaging of the product. It is truly a qualified energy-saving product. With the development of society, people’s concept of environmental protection I believe that the environmental protection of products is the primary consideration for consumers in the future.

Sanitary ware has been developing rapidly in China for more than 10 years, and people have also witnessed the progress of kitchen and bathroom products in recent years. And the rapid development of the kitchen and bathroom industry. In the small bathroom space, the functions we hope to obtain are constantly being satisfied by businesses and are constantly being explored. Nowadays, multifunctional toilets, multifunctional steam rooms, multifunctional bathtubs, etc. are no longer large Brand patents. Some up-and-coming stars such as sanitary ware** brands.

These brands are also integrated into the industry field of China’s ** sanitary ware brands. When people come into close contact with these multifunctional products, they are all sanitary products. The rapid development is amazing. Sanitary ware companies continue to improve the quality of products in all aspects to meet the high requirements of today’s consumers. Whether in the intelligent, environmentally friendly, and diversified sales models of products, we can see the sanitary ware industry The transformation and maturity of the sanitary ware industry, and at the same time, the contest and competition between the entire sanitary ware industry will inevitably become more intense, which will also promote the sanitary ware industry to move towards a broader space.

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