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[Analysis] Overall sanitary brand marketing strategy

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

In today's sanitary ware industry circle, it seems a fashion to take the 'integrated sanitary ware' brand route! If you don't believe me, go to Foshan China Ceramic City or Yimeijia Sanitary Ceramics World, quite a lot of exhibition halls, what bathroom cabinets , Shower rooms, bathtubs, as well as faucets, toilets and other products; this is understandable in itself. In theory, if you put more series, you can sell more! So, I can bear the 'loneliness'. There seem to be fewer and fewer companies with specialized brand routes! But the question is, how many brands can do as well as Wrigley Sanitary Ware and Langjing Sanitary Ware? I don’t think it’s wrong to take the 'integrated sanitary ware' brand route, but The author believes that taking this route is a trend, but the operation management inside is quite complicated and exquisite!

Whether to take the “integrated bathroom” brand route or the professional brand route, we must follow Depending on the status quo of a company, you must not blindly follow the trend! These two routes have their own strengths! The 'integrated bathroom' brand route has high requirements for the company's business scale strength, overall management level, and marketing planning and promotion capabilities, and the company's resource integration Be strong! It's not something you can do easily if you want to. By taking the route of professional branding, companies can concentrate on making certain types of products better, bigger and stronger, such as professional bathroom cabinets. The two brands of Xinhaijialan and Gaudí have done very well! Another example is professional production. For the shower room category, the two brands of Bette and Wollman are doing very well! Therefore, companies should seriously reflect and summarize their respective status quo, and see which route they are suitable for.

When an enterprise decides to take the 'integrated bathroom' brand route, it does not necessarily need to be equipped with all the products immediately, but can adopt the 'gradual extension of the product lineIn this way, the business risk will be greatly reduced! Of course, the entire industry chain of sanitary ware in Guangdong is quite complete! For example, if you want to support ceramic sanitary ware, there are many manufacturers willing to OEM for you when you go to Chaozhou; you want to support leading hardware , Many manufacturers are willing to OEM for you when you go to Kaiping. But it’s hard to say whether it can sell quickly! Here is a question of fusion and mutual promotion with your main product series and styles! Resource integration becomes more difficult! It is recommended to be cautious when doing product line extensions. For good! For example, if you have finished the bathroom cabinet product, you can consider the shower room product; if you have finished the ceramic sanitary ware, you can also consider the bathroom cabinet or shower room product. Taking the line of high-quality production and gradually extending the product line series is a good business strategy!

A brand is already taking the 'integrated bathroom' brand line, and all products are also equipped, but the actual operation is not very good. What good countermeasures are there at this time? The strategy is to do a detailed and comprehensive analysis, integrate and optimize various resources, including product resources, market resources, and human resources. For example, if you are equipped with ceramic sanitary ware, but the actual sales volume of such products is small, and there are many customer after-sales service complaints, what should you do at this time? **Abandon the ceramic sanitary ware products first, and optimize and integrate the others first. Products! When all the ceramic sanitary ware product matching problems can be solved, it’s not too late! Also, are the software and hardware packaging of your brand ready? For example, brand positioning planning, brand product line planning, brand The VI and SI system design and packaging; the evaluation of the display effect of the exhibition hall window! The status of the brand’s market customer groups should also be specifically evaluated to optimize market customer resources! The overall status of the marketing team, including team combat power and cohesion, team’s The management level must be carefully analyzed! Fully analyze the status quo, dig out your own advantages, optimize the allocation of various beneficial resources, and maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses! You will be able to get twice the result with half the effort!

Specific to the 'integrated bathroom' In terms of brand marketing, it is recommended to highlight the advantages of one's own flagship products and use one category of products to drive the sales of another category of products. For example, if the main advantage product of your brand is bathroom cabinets, you need to fully highlight the bathroom cabinets in the VI and SI terminal display. In the promotion combination strategy, you should also focus on the bathroom cabinets to form the bathroom cabinet products, etc. Product strategy supplemented by products! In the terminal investment work, the best support is increased to increase the attractiveness of investment! Let the dealers enter the big family of your brand management first! Focus on key markets; the greater the investment of dealers The greater the support, the greater the support! Form an interactive and virtuous circle. Taking the overall bathroom route, the requirements for dealers have also been correspondingly improved, including business philosophy, certain capital investment and network management capabilities; this is naturally the early stage of the investment promotion process is not as fast as the professional product brand route. For example, I only produce and sell bathroom cabinet products. In some places, customers can put up a few more sets of samples and sell them. However, it is not possible to take the overall bathroom route. There are certain requirements for the area of u200bu200bthe store and the display effect. ! At this time, you need more patience to do market expansion management planning! Strive to track and serve a new customer every time you develop it! Let it quickly generate sales and operating profits! Form a good word-of-mouth communication effect; Not far from the full bloom of the Internet!

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