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Anwar Sanitary Ware: Experience Ontario and enjoy your time at ease

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

Facing the sea, spring flowers blooming, listening to the rising and falling of the tide, watching the sunrise and sunset, this is the dream residence of many people. Pamper yourself, enjoy your time at ease, build a house facing the sea for the bathroom, feel the brilliance of nature up close, with the deep breath of the sea, ripples in the bathtub, makeup and wash in the symphony played by the waves , Let the smell of the sea drive away the haze, and leave the daily troubles behind. Enjoy a simple and stylish life, this earthly paradise has a name-Anwar Bathroom Ontario series.

Anhua bathroom Ontario series space map

The monotonous rooms are usually square walls with four square walls. There is nothing new in it. Have you ever thought of building a unique one? Bathroom? Or do not have to spend a lot of time to remodel the apartment, build a small 'fifth wallThe wall plays the role of distinguishing different functional areas and is also the foothold of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet**, and the space on the wall is the cosmetic storage platform. The wall also plays the role of separating dry and wet, even if the wall is your sleeping bedroom, outside the wall is the washbasin that is frequently used.

Anhua Sanitary Ware Ontario series anPG4380-C bathroom cabinet

The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is better than the floor-mounted bathroom cabinet in creating a sense of space. The square cabinet design of Ontario series anPG4380-C bathroom cabinet allows its storage capacity to be expanded to the greatest extent. The tough cabinet lines are matched with rounded silver mirrors and artistic basins, which cleverly blend toughness and gentleness, highlighting simplicity Not simple. This elliptical design is inspired by Lake Ontario, the 'shining lake' in North America. The five-piece bathtub is designed with an elliptical line. There are many ways to choose it at will, and it is more elegant in the landscape pool. The five-layer electroplated pure copper faucet is bright and vigorous. These tall and straight-curved water dispensers are like plants growing by the lake, allowing the vigorous natural atmosphere to fill this space.

Anwar bathroom Ontario series anW037Q five-piece bathtub

The toilet area in people’s impression is often a small space, a dark corner, and an indecent area. The new bathroom life Advocates are not bound by those frameworks, and based on the principle of hedonic supremacy, set the toilet area in the scenery. Set against the outdoor blue sky, white clouds, blue waves and green shades, the Ontario series aB1395 toilet with exquisite design has elegant lines, radiant and fullness, like a sitting girl in white, exuding an unusual gentle temperament. Saying goodbye to the dark corners, looking at the picturesque scenery outside the window, going to the toilet has become relaxed, decent and pleasant.

Anwar Sanitary Ware Ontario series aB1395 toilet

In a busy city, facing the pressures of life and work, everyone will have more or less anxiety. Bathing is a comfortable and comfortable solitary time for a person, put aside all the troubles, and enjoy the gentle contact with water. The body is immersed in the large bathtub designed to fit the curve, and the mind wanders freely on the calm lake of Ontario. The time at home is stable and soft, and the comfortable bathroom is a paradise that imagines spreading its wings. Anhua Sanitary Ware, brings you a different bathroom experience.

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