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Apollo bathroom interprets the art of home matching

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Apollo Sanitary Ware Interprets the art of home matching. Most people pursue personalized and tasteful homes to create fashionable, healthy and comfortable living spaces. The modern home art presents a diversified development, and brands use different 'art forms' and 'expressive techniques' to highlight home styles. There are thousands of arts, and only classics are eternal. Classic art is full of history, and every kind of art seems to be quietly telling their time story. Hush, follow Apollo Sanitary Ware to experience its artistic charm. 1. The Auchan Suite time flies by and remains unchanged forever. The neat and streamlined design in every part of the Auchan Suite highlights the extraordinary achievement and immortal soul. Standard configuration: A-8835FL integral shower room, AT-9105 bubble massage bathtub, PUZZLE bathroom cabinet A-8835FL integral shower room: Apollo integral shower room adds an extraordinary enjoyment to life, combined with shower and steam therapy. Body comfort, top hidden shower and automatic back pinhole spray massage will unlock a variety of bathing methods. PUZZLE bathroom cabinet: spacious, atmospheric overall design, strong retro-style sand color enhance the taste of the suite. AT-9105 bubble massage bathtub: the bubbles hug, touch and caress the delicate skin, as comfortable as a feather stroking the skin. Optional single-handle double-control floor-standing faucet, perfect combination of refined copper texture and smart lines, exquisite arc, rich connotation, excellent quality and stylish appearance. 2. The diamond-shaped exquisite hardware and appearance of the carat suite give the bathroom space an eye-catching charm, with sharp edges and corners, and a strong contrast between light and shadow, showing an extraordinary sense. Standard configuration: TS-6612 shower room, SG-1502-C01 bathroom cabinet, AS-2018MI basin faucet TS-6612 shower room: precision diamond cutting technology highlights the atmosphere and brings a comfortable bathing experience. SG-1502-C01 bathroom cabinet: The overall simplicity is not atmospheric, and it is perfectly integrated with modern art to enhance the taste of the bathroom. AS-2018MI basin faucet: the refined copper material that has lasted for a long time, the shape is simple and neat, and it is even more stylish with the bathroom cabinet. 3. Yamu Suite
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