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appreciating glass countertops

by:KingKonree     2020-03-23
Glass is applied in many applications.
Glass bottles are used to store wine. Glass bottles are used to store pickles. Glass slippers are used to round fairy tales.
Glass is used in windows to let the light in while preventing other elements from entering.
But the glass is crisp and easily broken.
Therefore, its application is limited to subtle matters that can be cared.
Invention of organic glass-
For example, in the automotive industry.
Plastic can also imitate the transparency of glass.
The glass top is beautiful.
It gives a depth effect to the countertop, while the countertop looks prestigious due to the clear surface of the glass.
Usually, thick glass is required to meet the strength required to support some weight.
Even so, the glass is set on a solid surface as a supplement.
This kind of countertop design is usually to pair the glass with the artistic surface
Whether it\'s an art pattern of some form or a natural texture of wood or stone.
The surface of the glass will further strengthen the countertop.
To stand independently, tempered glass will be a way.
Although it is not completely broken as many people think, tempered glass is much stronger than ordinary glass.
With this strength property, the glass countertop design has more options than just putting it on a solid surface.
With tempered glass, a floating glass countertop can be created to place the glass surface on several resting points on the countertop to produce a floating effect.
You can also make perspective countertops with tempered glass.
One way to do this is to place the glass on the countertop that goes through in the middle.
You can then have no cabinets at the bottom, or you can view the countertop and the first level drawer in the cabinet unit.
The other idea is to make an island in the center of the kitchen with only glass tables as a small display.
To go further, you can even build a full countertop and storage space made entirely of glass!
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