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Appreciation of creative wash basin: the original design of the wash basin can be so big

by:KingKonree     2021-07-07

What do the wash basins in your house look like? Most people's wash basins may be either above counter basin or under counter basin, pedestal basin or hanging basin, most of them are either square or round. But in fact, there are also some specially designed wash basins, which are also unique. Let's take a look at the design ideas of other people's wash basins.

First, glass wash basin

Let’s first look at these two glass wash basins.

This wash basin makes people feel like they can’t hold much water. The glass design makes people feel that it is basically a flat surface, not like a basin.

This wash basin is actually made of glass with a hollow design. At first glance, it feels like a wash basin full of holes. I'm really afraid of leaking water.

Second, white platform wash basins

Let’s appreciate the two white platform wash basins.

This wash basin gives people the feeling of hollowing out plaster, and it always feels like it has been corroded.

There is also a blue design in the middle of the wash basin, which makes people feel like they are filled with sea water.

3. Special-shaped washbasins

These two special-shaped washbasins are also very distinctive.

This wash basin is like an inkstone design, and it feels like you have to rub ink with water.

This wash basin is also very special. With such a small shape, it always feels like it can’t be washed.

Of course there are other wash basin designs.

For example, this wash basin is hard to use when looking at it. Always fear that water will leak from all directions.

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