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by:KingKonree     2020-06-16
Best feature of this type of flooring is beauty and durability.Solid hardwood tongue and groove strip flooring is designed to be laid directly onto joists, battens, over concrete or can be Overcome to old wood flooring.The boards are designed for a tight plank to plank fit to ensure a continuous and stable surface.Hardwood floors come in Select, Natural and Standard grades. PRE-FINISHED ENGINEERED FLOORING-A famous flooring giving all the benefits of tongue and groove flooring, it doesn't require sanding and polishing. It takes half the time when we install it as compare to pre mentioned flooring.It is comprised of 4 or 5 layers of woods fused together into long planks then it is pre-finished ready to place.Pre-finished wood flooring lifespan is also good, in the matter of lifetime we can't underestimate it. Species-it is available in an extensive range of hues and colors to match and enhance any home, office or commercial area. PARQUETRY-It makes difference from others due to its unique feature. Parquetry is hardwearing and is available in market in two styles,mosaic and block. Mosaic parquetry is made up of small wood in tile form and block parquetry is made up of a single block which can be converted in any pattern or feature you desire.Species-Parquetry comes in Select Grade and Standard Grade Some Species: Alpine Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Black butt, Sydney Blue Gum, Ironbark and many more. BAMBOO FLOORING-Bamboo flooring is extremely hard wood, lightweight and no weather effects, as it has innate moisture resistance.It is an environment friendly flooring resource adding quality and warmth to any home. Species-Bamboo flooring is available in many textures and is available in colours of natural or coffee. CORK FLOORING-Cork flooring is very practical and hard wearing, heavy t cork flooring is cool in winter and warm in summer.this friendly look with environment that will last for years to come. Species- -Cork comes in a variety of colours and styles and can be used to create your own patterns. There is a choice of gloss or satin finish. LAMINATE WOOD-Laminate flooring has a picture of wood on a board giving it the look of a wood floor. It is very economical.Laminate consists of 4-5 layers which are heated and pressed together in one large sheet, then cut into various sizes. In this there is no need for sanding and coating.
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