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Are you considering throwing away some old baskets

by:KingKonree     2020-08-16

Were there any old shelves that made it into your garage sale? Did you sell them or are they still in the garage? If they didn't sell either, start checking out what you can do with your bathroom walls and let the creative side of your mind kick in.

Prior to making your organizer, repainting the shelves will be necessary. You have your choice of all sorts of paint you can use. Give the shelves a coat of spray paint, allow them to dry, then give them a second coat. Sanding the shelves first may be necessary if there is any damage to the wood.

Any left over paint you might have, enamel, ceramic, etc., will work fine for this project. When the shelves have dried, check them over and choose if you wish to feature something more to them, but do not over do it.

If you already have a 'theme' in your bathroom, be sure to choose your shades and colors so they will go with what's already there and doesn't create extra work for you. You can use contrasting colors on your shelves, or stencils, stamps, and even hand drawn designs, or just paint it with your favorite color to start with.

When the shelves are good and dry, mount them on your wall where you want them. You may decide to stagger them for a fresh look. A lot of your decisions will depend on how much space this project will need. Once you have decided on the area and therefore the order you would like to mount go ahead and mount them.

You will now have some added space in your bathroom and will need to fill them with items that enhance the appearance of the room. Now that you have your shelves, you can utilize your baskets for a creative touch. Baskets come in several different sizes; shapes and colors so set them on the shelves putting the sizes and shapes wherever you like.

We have the baskets picked out that we will use therefore be inventive again and decorate them. The benefit of using baskets is the ease with which they can be cleaned; a little warm soapy water is all that's needed, then let them dry. The bathroom provides an excellent environment for your baskets, and will not allow them to dry out.

Don't like the color of these old baskets let's decorate them now. Paint and other decoration will work well with the baskets, as it did with the shelves. Once you have painted your baskets, set the color with some clear spray paint.

Stamps, stickers, and similar decorations will freshen up your baskets nicely, much like your creativity worked with the shelves. You will have friends raving about your bathroom organizer, and you will have a feeling of satisfaction when you see what you have accomplished.

You now have the opportunity to free up some added space in your bathroom cupboards by filling your newly remodeled baskets with your bathroom accessories. All of the nail care items below your bathroom sink can be stored in one of your decorated baskets.

Keeping your bathroom accessories sorted doesn't have to be a full time job. Discover how redecorating old baskets and shelves make nifty bathroom organizers.

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