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Are you dreaming for the elegance that marble

by:KingKonree     2020-08-16

Also, it is sensitive in many substances such as cleaning chemicals, juices that contain citric acid and oils. From these substances marble can make its appearance cloudy and erode over time. To ensure your countertop looking great for years, you have to take steps to care for it.

While there are ways to minimize the risks to a polished marble countertop, such as using cutting boards and trivets and promptly cleaning up any spills, you may find that this interferes with your enjoyment of your kitchen. In comaprison to granite, marble is much more sensitive to scratches and cuts. But of course these problems will not show as readily on a honed marble countertop, they are polished.

In cleaning your countertops be sure to use soft bristle brush first before using any type of cleaning agents.. With the use of washcloth or sponge brush away this loose dirt to make the cleaning agents work effectively.

We need to choose the right cleaning solution that is made specially for marbles. Most of the regular cleaners can damage the finish because it contains acid that must be avoided. Phosphate-free solutions and diswashing liquid are some of the neutral cleaners that will work in a pinch. Rinse the soap off immediately with warm water to avoid drying out the marble.

As the most cleaners can do, if your marble countertop is stained, you have to choose between living with the stain or living with an etched surface, the job will also do some damage to the finish. Stains from food oils, put dry corn starch over the stain and let it sit for about 24 hours. Most of the oil from the stain should absorb it.

Rust stains can only be removed with a rust-removal product that is guaranteed to etch polished surfaces. As a last resort for dealing with etched marble, you can send the material out to be repolished. If you'll get luster back, most likely you will have a slightly thinner countertop.

Clean the surface first before sealing your marble countertop to keep oils and dirt that causes damage. Wax can yellow the white marble. A stone sealer specially designed for marble can be used it will help resist dirt and oil.

Don't let wet dishes, glasses or water to stand longer on a marble countertop. Water can easily leak into the stone and leave a pemanent ring to remind ou where the water was. Marbles position can be changed by the causes and professional polishing is the only way to removed them.

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