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Are you running a business where you need a commercial

by:KingKonree     2020-09-01

1.Size of the refrigerator

The first thing that you should take care of before purchasing a commercial refrigerator is the size of the appliance. You have to be sure about how large you want your refrigerator to be? Verify the dimensions in your kitchen with the help of the measuring tape. Don't forget to leave a little bit of space for clearance and for proper air flow from the refrigerator.

2.Drawers or Doors?

Commercial refrigerators can have either doors or drawers. If you want to store the food in full-size food pans then you should choose drawers. But if you want to keep things easy going you can use shelves to keep the food that is difficult to search in the fridge.

3.Solid door or Glass door?

There are two types of doors for a refrigerator; solid and a glass door. Glass doors are considered ideal for front-of-house manufacturers. Glass doors are considered as a good choice because they help the customers and the employees to quickly select what they want. However these glass doors will also show some disorganization. If you want to hide this disorganization then choose the solid doors. Solid doors are comparatively more energy efficient.

4.Casters vs. Legs

How much are you really interested in cleaning behind the refrigerator? With the help of casters you can very easily keep the unit aside for clearing under the refrigerator. If we talk about casters, they come in standard size and it does not depend on the model you want to buy. But these casters help you to clean the back of the refrigerator. This is important when you want to clean the refrigerator from all around.

You can also make choices from the range of commercial refrigerators. These Industrial refrigerators come in variety to hold your different cold-store need.


If you are looking for a refrigerator that would fit under your counter search for an under-counter refrigerator. Most of these will easily slide under the standard height of 36'. You can even get the under counters for 34' height if you are looking for a shorter one.

2.Worktop Refrigerators

If you are looking for a worktop table as well as a refrigerator, select worktop refrigerator. These appliances have a food-grade stainless steel tops that are very useful for food preparation tasks. It enhances the employee efficiency and lower the total labor cost that gives you more profit.


These are mainly found in the bakery industry. Roll-in refrigerators are used for accommodating full-size pancakes. It becomes easy for you to store pans of pastries and rolls. You can simply roll up the racks and can keep it into the cabinet for easy storage.

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