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Are you thinking of remodeling your old bathroom?

by:KingKonree     2020-09-11

Every family member should feel comfortable and use all the bathroom equipment conveniently while at the same time not disturbing other family members. So, functionality is the first and most important point of any bathroom. Having said that we advice you do this:

What's next? In the end, perhaps you need some extra facilities, such as baby changing table, some room for exercising or massage, a washing machine, drier? Where and what lights would you prefer? And many other questions that you may think of...

Obviously most of the decisions are limited to the room size: the smaller the room, the less you can do in planning. Therefore you should ask yourself: is the bathroom big enough for you? Sometimes it is possible to enlarge it on the expense of taking some space from the room next to it. If your family is big you should really consider having a separate shower.

If the bathroom is small and there is no way of extending it, is it worth having a bath installed? As some surveys show, majority of homeowners living in cities usually take only shower and very seldom take a bath. Perhaps it is worth only to install a shower cubicle - saving some space.

You should also, as with kitchen remodelling, think of what you like in your old bathroom.

Finally, you should think of what materials and fittings you are going to choose? Budget type fittings and materials usually are ready in stock, while more expensive, luxury ones sometimes take quite a while to arrive - time planning is essential. Cheap equipment usually needs more attention maintaining hygiene (surfaces are not that smooth, dirt sticks to them), cheap accessories break often or come loose off the wall - that's due to poor fabrication of fixings. If you are planning to sell your house, think if the colors or shape of the chosen fittings and equipment will suit the prospective buyers. No matter how expensive, white bathroom sanitary equipment, light color tiles will be in fashion at all times and will suit most people.

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