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Artificial marble countertop price

by:KingKonree     2021-05-04

   There are many kinds of materials for countertops. Artificial marble countertops are one of them. Many people want to know the price of artificial marble countertops. Let’s take a look at the price of artificial marble countertops. Artificial marble countertops What are the better brands and how to choose artificial marble countertops.

  price of artificial marble countertops

  The price of artificial stone countertops is not a fixed type. Occasionally, with economic development and social demand and supply, Prices will fluctuate accordingly. As far as the kitchen artificial stone countertop is concerned, the local market price is the first thing to look at, and then the price-performance ratio of the artificial stone countertop. Always check a few more, and then decide to buy according to the quality and price. So, what is the price of general artificial stone countertops? As far as the current market is concerned, the price of general kitchen artificial stone countertops ranges from 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan, and there are even artificial stone countertops higher than 1,000 yuan. This depends on your own purchase needs. .

  The price changes every day. It is not a fixed pattern. If you want to know the latest trends in the price of kitchen artificial stone countertops, you need to search frequently or frequently Going to the building materials market and mastering the price trend will have great advantages for future and even current choices. Some of the prices of kitchen artificial stone countertops are sold in an overall way, and some are sold according to the area of u200bu200bthe countertop. If it is calculated according to the area, the price of kitchen artificial stone countertops is almost 250 yuan per meter, or 100 For the price range from RMB to RMB 1,000, the key depends on which one you need!

   Generally speaking, the price of artificial marble cabinet countertops is 200-400 yuan per meter per month in the artificial stone market.

  Artificial marble countertop brand recommendation

  1. Corian, one of the top ten brands of artificial stone. From DuPont of the United States, he can be described as the instructor of artificial stone. Corian is widely used in prosperous countries such as Europe and the United States, but only high-end consumer groups at home can afford it.

  2, the star of the top ten artificial stone brands. Xingrong comes from Samsung in South Korea. Everyone knows about Samsung, but few people know about Samsung's artificial stone. It is true that Samsung of South Korea is an economic symbol. It is all-pervasive. It emphasizes news and newspapers, hospitals and hotels, to electronic machinery. In short, all aspects of Koreans' lives are related to Samsung, so we don't need the strange three stars to be the same as Samsung Electronics? Xingrong is recognized all over the world by virtue of the appeal of the Samsung brand.

  3. Hoomeis, one of the top ten artificial stone brands. The LG company from South Korea seems to be in the same situation as Samsung, and I have to be convinced that the Koreans are very united and become a big brand, and then many sub-brands and grand-grand brands will be born.

  4. Kuraray is the top ten artificial stone brand. From the Kuraray Chemical Company of Japan, it is a company with a long history. With its own chemical advantages and the reputation of Japanese products, it has taken a place in the entire industry.

How to choose    artificial marble countertop

  (1) On the surface, the surface of the high-quality product is shiny and bright after polishing, the color is pure, touch it by hand It has the texture of natural stone without pores; the surface of inferior products is dark, with poor finish, impure color, and it is visually dazzling and uncomfortable. It feels astringent when touched by hand, and has pores (squinting at a 45-degree angle against the light , A stoma like the eye of a needle).

   (2), high-quality products have strong hardness and mechanical strength, scratching the surface with the sharpest hard plastic will not leave scratches, poor products are softer and easy It is scratched and easily deformed.

  (3), high-quality products are easy to polish, and inferior products give off a pungent smell when cutting materials.


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