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by:KingKonree     2020-09-09

Material is the key sanitary ware is in home space in the relatively wet, when consumers buy sanitary ware cabinet, not only interested in their beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to their surfaces, substrates, and all metal parts of the material, to choose After moisture treatment of stainless steel or aluminum cabinets dedicated to the protection of moisture resistance. Currently, the market mainstream sanitary ware cabinet chosen MDF substrate is waterproof, waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiber, is the first choice for high-end sanitary ware cabinets. Also, when buying hardware to comply with certain rules. Do not buy hardware in the blind to see their style, but preferred to consider the three-piece style with bath tub, toilet, wash basin in the style matched the best shape and also with the faucet surface treatment phase anastomosis. Secondly, since the special environment of sanitary wares, sanitary fittings of consumers when purchasing their material is also very important. sanitary ware accessories currently on the market supplies a rich material, both copper-plated plastic products, but also copper polishing of copper products, more of a chrome-plated products, of which the most high-grade titanium alloy products.

Choose a recipe For ordinary families, the industry recommends the best choice for sanitary ware wall cabinet type, counter, or take the wheel of a high leg, it provides efficient isolation of Demian moisture, so choose O'clock to the selected metal Jian Liao Jie Shipijingguo moisture Chuli Private sanitary ware cabinet stainless steel or aluminum products. Also sanitary ware cabinet hardware can not ignore the appearance of the coating, chrome plating products in the ordinary product coating is 20 microns thick, long time, inside the material susceptible to oxidation, so as we choose work stress coating of 28 micron thick copper chrome, its structure, the coating uniformity, and efficiency is good. Also, check the sanitary ware cabinet door together, preferably a large angle to open, but the impact will not be around the space, so as to facilitate pick and place items. In addition, the industry also suggested that consumers in the selection of sanitary ware cabinet style, be sure to protect the pipes out of repair and valve opening, so as not to leave after the maintenance and repair of unnecessary trouble.

Installed to separate wet and dry According to reports, wooden sanitary ware cabinet of the sanitary ware environment within the relatively stringent requirements, namely dry and wet separation. Shower and other areas required separate, shower water would not splash, so that the space outside the shower to keep dry. This design concept of wet and dry separation biggest advantage is the ability to maintain the sanitary ware all regions of the dry gas to avoid water erosion. For some sanitary ware smaller consumers, the industry suggested that the best way to achieve separation of wet and dry is to install the bath screen or a separate shower room.

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