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As someone who works in the hospitality industry

by:KingKonree     2020-09-20

While you host a guest in your hotel, many aspects of the trip will be out of your control. You cannot change the weather, nor can you ensure that the activities the guest plans are fun and exciting. Outside of recommending a favorite eating establishment, you cannot control the quality of the food they eat. You can, however, control the amount of comfort they experience once they arrive in your hotel. Quality shampoo, comfortable bed linens and a clean place to rest are all something you can somewhat control. Your hotel amenities matter, as they show your guests how important they are to you.


While the average guest may not pay much attention to the bed linens, they are important. To the average guest, bed linens need to be clean and aesthetically appealing. If the bed has clean, crisp sheets, a comforter and comfortable pillows, they will be happy.

With that said, some discerning guests will notice small things about your bed linens. If you operate a luxury hotel, some customers will notice the quality and softness of the bed sheets. Threadbare sheets will not be impressive. On the other hand, luxurious high-count sheets would not be appropriate in a budget hotel.


Many years ago, hotels offered all types of toiletries. They readily supplied guests with single-edge disposable razors, black plastic combs and plastic toothbrushes. Standard toiletries included bar soap and hotel-grade shampoo and conditioner. Today, hotel toiletries range from luxury brand name shampoo, conditioner and lotion to shower caps and body washes. Most hotels keep standard toiletry items on hand, like shaving cream or toothpaste, for guests who forgot a necessity when packing. The quality of the toiletries will speak volumes about your hotel. Guests who can bathe with luxurious scented body wash and soothe dry skin with scented lotion will leave your hotel with a positive experience in mind.

Overlooked Amenities

Do not forget about other hotel amenities your guests likely expect. Guests need access to a phone, and often expect free local calls. They also want entertainment via the in-room television, and many expect a clean pool to swim in.

Some smaller amenities are often overlooked, both by guests and staff. However, when a guest needs them, they will make the difference between a glowing review and a mediocre one. For instance, a sturdy ice bucket may not be important to everyone, but to someone who is keeping medication cold or filling a cooler, this is a necessity. An in-room coffee service with complimentary name brand coffee, cream and sugar gets the day started right for a coffee drinker. Hair dryers and a sturdy luggage rack make a stay less of a hassle.

To succeed in the highly competitive hospitality industry, you must meet and exceed your guests' expectations in these little areas as well as the big areas. Of course, you must also consider your budget and price bracket. Try to provide the most luxurious and high quality amenities possible that fit within your budget and match the expectations of travelers who stay in your price bracket.

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