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As soon as you make a move, it is no longer difficult to install the game?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

The cabinet door was not closed tightly and small insects got in, the countertop also cracked, the oil leaked in, and the more it was wiped, the dirtier; the toilet was repaired many times, but it was still ticking and leaking, and the ceramic bathtub was outdated and aged. The old dirt can't be cleaned no matter how to wash it; after washing in the rainy season, the leaky balcony makes the floor soaked, and the walls are also moldy and seep; children are going to school, and the children's room needs learning space; parents with a baby need it Come to live together, the space is not enough... What should I do?

Why do you just want to 'overturn' the place, the space that you want to 'changeFew people really take action?

Who is hindering our 'home improvement upgrade'?

The partial renovation business has a small amount of work, short time, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and low profit. Many decoration companies are unwilling to accept or disdain to undertake such business. However, the construction quality and follow-up of the 'bridgehead' or the guerrillas are not guaranteed. As a result, many owners who have aspirations and needs for renovation cannot be satisfied, and they dare not take risks. The owner, the owner, has only been in the business for three years. Why is no one to take charge of the partial decoration business of the home?

Although the partial decoration has a small amount of work, the protection measures for the finished products in the early stage involve water and electricity transformation during the construction period. Technical problems, high labor costs caused by multiple types of work, and after-sales service after delivery, etc., have discouraged many owners who want partial decoration. Wait for the money to buy a big house, and then come and do a lot of renovation.

On March 7, 2015, Jinzhao Decoration launched a 1+N bureau installation package to make your bureau installation no longer so difficult.

The New Year of the Goat set sail. Beijing Jinzhao Decoration officially launched the '1+N Rubik's Cube' package on March 7 to effectively solve the local decoration problems that have plagued many owners for many years.

Choose Jinzhao Decoration for partial decoration, one reason is not enough, here are five reasons for you:

(1) Jinzhao Decoration is the nation's most influential decoration company and a well-known brand in the industry. It is trustworthy and worthy of choice for escorting small partial decoration projects.

(2) The 7-year old house research and development group of the present decoration old house research and development group in-depth study of the local decoration plan of the old house, guided by the characteristic theoretical basis of the 'Chinese Old House Decoration Standard GuideFor technical support, we can effectively solve the various troubles of the owner's partial decoration.

(3)Enjoy the ever-changing life, whether it is the transformation of 7 large spaces, the renovation of walls and floors, or the combination of various accessories and furniture, a variety of choices, N combinations, diverse styles, and random matching, you can choose Buy it!

(4) How to decorate the cube as you want, whether it’s a single or multiple combinations, regardless of the size of the space or the price, it’s just that wayward.

(5) Leap a step away and adhere to the three no principles: no delay in construction, no overtime and rush work, and no impact on life. Help you to leap a step away and let your life rest assured.

●If you also want to 'turn down and start overProgram.

●If you have concerns about renovation and upgrading, please tell 400-678-9878 as soon as possible. At present, we will collect more concerns and troubles to test the 'Regional Installation Reform Team' to help you overcome your concerns and solve problems .

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