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As the alleged final chapter in the Twilight saga

by:KingKonree     2020-09-26

As we learned in the best-selling books and previous films, the entire Cullen family and their vampire friends are good vampires who only feed on animals, not humans. The entire family is exceedingly good-looking, both male and female alike, and very supportive of the human/vampire union between Edward and Bella. They are unfortunately appalled by the prospect of Bella's pregnancy, both out of fear for her health and safety, and the knowledge that their enemies will surely hunt a half human/half vampire baby. And understandably, they are correct. The rapidly growing fetus seriously threatens Bella's health as she literally eats her young mother's body from the inside out. We watch as her health starts to fail and it would appear that she will surely die. During the birth, Bella must finally be delivered from her human existence and be changed into a vampire in order to save her life. Edward and Bella's little bundle of vampire joy is born healthy and beautiful and they name her Renesmee.

Following Renesmee's miraculous birth, Bella's considerable vampire powers change her life and her eye color forever and she begins enjoying her new vampire life with her husband and beautiful daughter. A visitor named Irina, who is one of the bad vampires from the Denali Vampire Convent, shatters her happiness with the threat of exposure and ultimate vampire war. Irina firmly believes Renesmee to be an unstoppable and immortal child, which is strictly prohibited in the vampire world.

The new breaking dawn part 2 ending has been the subject of much controversy among fans and reviewers alike. The book ending seemed a bit boring to many fans, but as with many bestsellers, they all want the cinematic version to mirror the book version. In the case of the twilight saga, the breaking dawn part 2 motion picture's revised ending was actually penned by twilight novelist, Stephanie Meyer, in an effort to give the ending a more action-packed punch. Although surely the fans of the twilight saga are romantics at heart, movie-going audiences of all ages and walks of life have long been serious fans of action scenes. Fans of old movies, do you remember Ben Hur? What would it have been without that massive action-packed chariot race scene?

So, breaking dawn part 2 has its very own action-packed war between the good and the bad vampires. The good vampires are aided by their long-suffering friends, the werewolves, led by hunky Jacob played by the very physically fit Taylor Laughtner, whose shirtless scenes and washboard abs have made him a favorite with young female twilight fans worldwide. So, between the good vampires and their werewolf allies, the bad Volturi vampires led by the hated Denali Vampire Convent are defeated, but not until the fearless leader of the Cullen clan, Carlisle, played by the fine-looking Peter Facinelli, loses his head literally. in addition, Dakota Fanning's cute little character is eaten by a wolf and lots of vampires die in many gruesome ways.

But wait, none of that really happened. The entire scene is just one of Alice's famous visions of what could happen if they went to war for real with the Volturi and the Denali Vampire Convent. So, instead they defer to peaceful negotiations, as per the book's original ending, and war is averted; proving once and for all that both humans and vampires love a happy ending.

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