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As the manufacture of basic materials determines

by:KingKonree     2020-06-27
Acrylic bathtub Acrylic tub use synthetic organic materials, rich styling features, light weight, good surface finish, lower price, but because there is high temperature resistant synthetic organic materials, poor, poor pressure, do not wear the surface easy to aging shortcomings, acrylic bath tub surface using very little more than three years without discoloration. However, some brand manufacturers in the production using imported high brightness, high hardness bathroom special acrylic sheet, acrylic to some extent overcome some shortcomings. If consumers in the purchase of the sanitary ware that their low frequency, or a house within a few years of re-fitting, then, acrylic bathtub as a good value for money, or more suitable for this type of consumer. Advantages: lower cost, good insulating effect, shape variety. Disadvantages: Surface easy to get to spend a hard object. Cast iron bathtub Cast iron bathtub made of cast iron, surface enamel, so weight is very large, easy to use noise; as casting process is relatively complex, so the general form of cast iron bathtub relatively simple and the price is very expensive. Pros: Durable, water noise, easy to clean. Disadvantages: high prices, heavy weight, difficult to install and transport. Wooden bathtub Often used in solid wood bath wood hard, high density and good corrosion resistance material, such as spruce, oak, pine, cedar, etc., the material on the market for solid wood bath barrel cedar the most common. According to a certain brand of Daming Palace Building Materials Home City Shopping guide introduction of solid wood bath, wood bath in addition to a fresh impression, there are easy to clean, non-static, environmentally friendly natural advantages, such as bathing may wash away with water after the clean, routine maintenance is more Simple, solid wood bathtubs fear hi wet dry, when used to clean water infiltration, to avoid exposure. Advantages: strong insulation, cylinder deep, full body infiltration. Disadvantages: higher price, service and maintenance needs will be deformed leakage. Steel bathtub Steel bathtub bathtub is to create the traditional materials, steel cylinder is a single piece of about 2 mm thick steel plate by stamping bathtub shape, surface treatment and then made by the enamel, it has the wear and heat, pressure and so on weight between acrylic cylinder cast iron cylinder and between the insulating effect than cast iron cylinder, but the long service life, the higher the overall cost, many consumers in the decoration of choice when the steel cylinder. Advantages: cheaper, texture, light and easy to install. Disadvantages: poor insulation effect, the noise injection larger than the monotonous style. Do not choose to buy only expensive pair When choosing bath, first thing to consider is the brand and the material, which is usually purchased by budget decisions; followed bathtub size, shape and location of faucet holes, these elements are the size of the bathroom layout and objective decision a; eventually, according to their interests and preferences sanitary ware style and comfort.
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