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As you know, eye is not only the window of the soul

by:KingKonree     2020-09-26

Eye hyperaemia

The symptom is that eye conjunctiva is covered with blood vessels, once the blood vessels are ruptured, the phenomenon of eye hyperaemia will be happened. Eye experts advise that as usual, there is no obvious reason for eye hyperaemia, however, people who have severe diseases such as hypertension or thrombocytopenia is likely to suffer from eye hyperaemia.


The hormone level of thyroid gland will be abnormal if the hyperthyroidism happened. At this time, part of the muscle around the eyes will be swollen, which makes the eyes looked bulged.


With the increase of age, most people will have the symptom of ptosis. However, Andrew, an associate professor on ophthalmology from the University of California, said that ptosis may be a signal of brain tumor or myasthenia gravis

Abnormal pupil

Under normal circumstances, the left pupil and right pupil should be symmetrical. If one of the pupils is bigger than other or the speed of shrinking at one pupil is slower, it may be the premorbid symptom of diseases such as stroke, brain tumors, optic nerve tumors and other diseases.

Yellow eyeballs

Abnormal liver function such as hepatitis and cirrhosis can lead to accumulation of bilirubin, which result in yellow sclera. Bilirubin is the metabolite of hemoglobin, when the liver function is abnormal, the bilirubin can not be properly discharged and accumulate in the body.

Corneal arcus

Corneal arcus may be symptom of Wilsons disease. Because the progess of metabolizing copper becomes harder, the copper will be deposited at cornea, which gradully form a corneal arcus.

Thicker eyelid

According to experts, thicker eyelid is the symptom of neurofibroma.

Livedovasculitis at eyes

Once the small and yellow spots found at blood capillary in retina, it means the atherosclerosis is very serious.

Abnormal optic nerve

Under normal circumstances, the optic nerve should be pink. If it turns into white, it may be symptoms of disease such as brain tumor and multiple sclerosis.

Diabetic retinopathy

Diseases include diabetes and high blood pressure will damage blood vessels and nerves on retina, you should immediately do the body check if retina becomes abnormal

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