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At present, various policies and measures of environment

by:KingKonree     2020-09-07

Everybody is very important to the development of society and human's improvement, therefore, we should improve the synthesize quality of family, do understand the real significance and important function of energy saving and environment protecting.

The research showed that the pollution caused by society industrial production is only 41% of total pollution source, while the pollution caused by modern family is occupied for 59%. Compared with society, though family is a small cell of society, while the extent of injury is heavy then industry. According to a research of indoor pollution condition, the result showing that more than 50% family exist pollution, and the chief culprit is household appliance. What's more anxious is that during the families, most doesn't realize pollution problem. Good life and working environment is the condition we rely on to survive, protect environment is to protect ourselves.

Start from family electric using - save every kilowatt hour and preclude pollution

Every family should do following: change filament lamp to forth LED green light source, select green environment protection home appliance and solar energy home appliance series, do select the air conditioner which is most suit the size of house, there should not too much food in refrigerator.

Comprehensive strength the ideological understanding of environment protection and energy saving

First, parents should be the example of children. Because children are always like to imitate others, parent's word and activity will influence children, so parents must firmly establish environmental awareness. Second, exert to foster children's awareness of energy saving and environment protecting. At last, do create a good atmosphere of environment protecting and energy saving. In daily life, parents should do practical things to protect environment.

Saving water in daily life and reduce water pollution

Popularize using of water saving water valve and sanitary ware; do close faucet after use water; check the faucet frequently; advocate using water for more times.

Saving every paper

Do use recycled paper and save paper use to protecting forest resource. Recover 1 ton waster paper can produce 800 kilogram recycled paper and save a half paper making material, reduce 35% water pollution. Every waste paper can recover at least twice. Therefore, do advocate recover waste paper and strive to reduce paper consumer.

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