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attaching a wall mount bathroom faucet

by:KingKonree     2020-10-24
Wall-mounted bathroom taps are ideal for bathrooms and small counters with small spaces.
It is very difficult to install a wall-mounted bathroom faucet now compared to not installing a wall-mounted faucet, provided, of course, that you have the right tools to do the job.
While be careful when installing on tiles, they do break easily.
Before starting, make sure to collect all the materials required for the work.
Usually, of course you need your faucet, some temperature controlled hot and cold faucets, proper Allen wrench or screwdriver, drill bit and some measuring equipment.
Be sure to make sure where your water supply pipeline is running before you start.
If necessary, please hire a plumber for this so that you do not have some unnecessary accidents.
Since wall-mounted bathroom faucets are often higher than regular faucets, you may need to adjust the water pipes by turning them up.
After all the pipe installations have been completed, it is time to determine the exact location of the new faucet.
Make sure to measure the height of the new faucet correctly, as it is difficult to cover these extra holes once you drill and change your mind.
Leave enough space between the top of the sink and the tap, preferably around 2 inch.
If things get bigger, you might splash some water out of the sink.
Drilling is coming now.
Before you start, verify that there is no pipe in the wall or tile you are drilling.
Your new faucet should serve as a guide to where your hole should be.
I suggest you track the holes in the tap with a pencil instead of measuring so you don\'t go wrong.
Drill around 2 to 3 inch on the wall to get the perfect traction.
There should be some installation instructions for your new bathroom faucet.
Usually, before fixing the spout with a screw, you have to position the spout to the wall panel and then the gasket.
Tighten with an Allen wrench or a simple screwdriver, whichever is required.
Now that you \'ve assembled the faucet, you just have to attach it to the wall and place it directly on the hole you just drilled.
You should be equipped with bolts for this task.
Finally, please attach all other items, such as faucet handles and any other gadgets that come with the faucet, once everything is ready.
Most of this is just a snapshot.
Ons should not bring any problems.
Now, I suggest you do some testing before using the faucet extensively and check for leaks.
There you can install wall-mounted bathroom taps in your own bathroom without the need for plumber.
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