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b.c. family says their glass bathroom sink spontaneously \'exploded\'

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
A Vernon, B. C.
According to owner Bill Hartford, the family\'s day began with a bang, when their tempered glass sinks spontaneously broke into hundreds.
Hartford said he bought a green glass container basin from a hardware store two years ago.
The sink was installed in the bathroom at home and did not work until last week.
Then the sink suddenly \"exploded\" into glass fragments, he said. \"[It]
It sounds like a gunshot.
Literally, glass fragments pass through the kitchen and corridor. [and]
\"Litter in the bathroom,\" Hartford said.
\"It\'s a real sight.
I haven\'t seen so much glass everywhere.
\"According to Hartford, nothing fell into the sink and broke it, and nobody was in the bathroom at the time.
\"Somebody\'s going to get hurt,\" he said.
\"The glass fragments are really fine. . .
Embedded in ceramic tile grouting, we are still picking today.
\"The sink was made in China and imported to Canadaby Valley Acrylic in B. Mission.
According to Ravi Beach, Director of Marketing and Business Development.
\"This is the first time the company has heard of a glass tank breaking in this way,\" she said.
\"We were very, very surprised,\" she said.
\"It\'s just something that has never been reported to us before.
Beech said: \"Toughened glass is designed to break into small pieces, so if the product is broken, the possibility of injury is small. \"
Beech says that if the sink ends, it may already be under pressure. -
Tightening during installation may lead to sudden breakage.
\"Or, if something hits the sink, such as a sharp object with a certain speed hitting the sink, it will break up and break up.
That\'s the nature of toughened glass, \"Beach said.
There are many reports in the United States. S.
A spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Department of the Canadian Ministry of Health told CBC News that the agency had not received reports of glass tank breakage in this way.
There are many reports in the United States.
S\'s glass tank exploded, including damage to consumer records of YouTube videos.
As for Hartford, the money he bought the sink from that store has been refunded.
He said he would buy another glass tank, although the explosive end of the first tank was a mystery.
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