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Balcony storage cabinet size what material is good for balcony storage cabinets

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

  The balcony storage cabinet is a storage cabinet product we often use on the balcony. There are many materials for balcony storage cabinets in the market. We want to buy one when we buy it. Products, what material is good for the balcony storage cabinet? What is the appropriate size of the balcony storage cabinet, and what should we pay attention to when buying balcony storage cabinets, let’s learn about it below.

   balcony locker size balcony locker what material is good

   balcony locker size

  With this society Development Now the locker is no longer the original kind of just taking a box. The storage cabinets are now one of our furniture and can be said to be an indispensable part of our home life. So when buying a locker, we need to pay great attention to the size of the locker for the things we want to store. The size of the locker we see now is very reasonable 600*450*1100mm. This storage cabinet is made of high-grade solid wood. The overall design is five pumps, and the storage space is very reasonable. This Mediterranean-style locker further highlights the balance and harmony of this locker master. No matter where it is placed in the home, it can also bring bursts of elegance and freshness to our home life. The size of this locker is just right.

   When it comes to the size of the locker, people who buy it are more inclined to the exquisite atmosphere. At the same time, everyone also hopes to maximize the storage capacity of this locker. The size of the locker we see now is very large and the entire storage space is also large. The appearance is also very exquisite, and it is made of imported solid wood. The texture is very hard and durable. This storage cabinet uses classic classical colors, which looks very simple and elegant on the whole. In addition, the appearance of this locker is very clear and beautiful. It seems very rich in connotation. The lines are processed with smooth lines. The edges are very round and generous. The safety factor in use is also very high. The size of a locker like this one is 975*510*1255mm. Is this storage cabinet very large in size? Can store more things.

  What kind of material is the balcony storage cabinet?

  1, solid wood

  The texture of the solid wood balcony storage cabinet is very good It is hard, and its service life is relatively long, and it is very resistant to crashes. There are many types of solid wood, and different types have different characteristics. Sandalwood, walnut, etc. are more common. Everyone must have a thorough understanding before choosing, so that you can choose a good quality locker.

  2, iron

   iron balcony storage cabinets are also relatively strong, and the cost is not high, the price is very affordable, there is a certain waterproof effect, and compared to solid wood The material of the locker is more insect-proof. However, the use of family balconies is relatively small, and it is more commonly used in collective environments such as student dormitories and employee dormitories.

  3, plastic

   plastic balcony storage cabinets are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which are relatively cheap, have good airtightness, and are resistant to oil and odor. Very easy to clean, easy to use, easy to clean, and save space. But at the same time, plastics are also relatively easy to oxidize, so the temperature should not be too high, and the plastics are not very strong, so be careful not to violently impact.

   balcony lockers to buy

   look at the veneer, some wardrobes, with a fingernail, you can make obvious scratches. The surfaces of these wardrobes are pasted with polystyrene paper and ornate paper sheets, which have poor abrasion resistance. Professional manufacturers use environmentally friendly melamine veneers with thick paint thickness and high temperature and high pressure treatment, with high surface strength, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance.

  Look at the edge banding of the board, professional manufacturers use precision panel saws to cut the board, and there is no chipping around the board. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment, rough cutting, and obvious edge chipping around. Some even cut corners and only seal the front side of the board. The edgeless surface is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, causing the plate to expand, resulting in deformation of the wardrobe and affecting the service life.

  Depending on the processing method, professional manufacturers use professional automatic edge banding machines, and use environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to seal the edges on all sides, and the veneer is firm. Some manufacturers, without professional processing equipment, use ordinary universal glue to manually seal the edges, which is easy to drum and fall off. In addition, the benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances contained in this glue seriously exceed the standard, posing a potential threat to human health.

  Looking at the backplane structure, professional manufacturers use a backplane with a thickness of 5mm or more, melamine veneer, and a grooved anti-leather overlap structure to prevent the backplane from directly contacting the wall from absorbing the wall On the moisture. Some brands have thin backplanes and are connected by nailed backplanes. The backplane is in direct contact with the wall. The moisture on the wall is easily absorbed by the board, and it is easy to be damp, moldy, and deformed.

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