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bath sink drain installation: common mistakes you should avoid

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
In the long run, proper installation is the key to the normal operation of the bathroom sink drain.
The pipes and drains will loosen and leak over time.
Based on this fact, it is recommended that you do the proper installation to ensure durability.
In addition, you should also use high quality parts and materials.
You also need to make sure you avoid errors during installation.
Otherwise, the tub sink drain will not work properly and early leaks may also occur.
Here are some common installation errors you should avoid: 1.
When installing the drain pipe, it is necessary to ensure that the connection is firm.
Do not tighten the connection too firmly, however, as it will cause cracking and strain.
It will also cause warping, which will make the water pass through.
Most people tie the connection too tightly and break up after that.
You should also check the washers as they have the task of closing the pipe for air leakage. 2.
Sometimes people do not really pay attention to the material used to make parts when installing the bathroom sink drain.
Stainless steel is the recommended material because it has higher durability than any other material.
If you purchase the drain separately, please check if other parts are also made of stainless steel. 3.
Do not pour the cleaning solution containing strong acid into the drain pipe as they cause corrosion.
Otherwise, corrosive acid can cause your drain to leak in the future. 4.
Don\'t cut the plastic tube too long or too short.
If the pipes are too long, they overlap and deviate from the route.
When you cut the pipe too short, it will cause water to bleed out and the drain will leak gradually. 5.
If you want the bathroom sink drain to work properly, you should clean them up on a regular basis.
You don\'t need to remove the drain when cleaning, but you can do so if you don\'t do regular cleaning.
Make sure you don\'t use dangerous cleaning materials either, as they only damage the drain.
Hot water is the correct cleaning medium as it can prevent serious blockage. 6.
Even if you do regular maintenance, cracking and leakage will still occur.
Therefore, it is essential to perform the necessary precautions during and after installation.
The sink drain can therefore last longer.
If you find that the drain ends up leaking, completely replacing the drain is the best solution.
This is because replacing some parts in the short term will only allow you to spend more money in the future.
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