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Bathing is an area of particular concern for people

by:KingKonree     2020-07-14
Bathroom handicap aids are important in making any bathroom easier for a disabled house owner to be able to use the facilities without help and become more independent. we understand that there are many types of different disabilities and a variety of aids to help various types. there are specific aids that are used by many people with disabilities. these consist of: Safety Handles Safety Handles is the most important aid of all fitted in bathrooms this is because thi aids the inoperative person around the bathroom. You would find handles on the bathtub and certain wall areas, shower , toilet and wash basin area. Walk In Bathtubub or Bathlift We provide unique , high quality value for money Bath Lifts / Walk in Bath tubs , we aim to provide a wide range of bath aids to suit you and your personal needs. Lifts make it easier for you to be transferred to and from the bath , but not as convenient as walk ins as it can be opened easier with just a press of a button. Types of walk-in bathtubs. The first is the inward opening unit that is made larger to accommodate the inward swing of the door. The inward opening is great because it is larger and can accommodate larger area for bathing or washing purposes. However, one the disadvantage of the inward opening walk-in bathtub is that you have to wait until the water is completely drained before you can come out. This is because the water inside the tank pushes the door closed. This is very inconvenient when an emergency arises and you need to get out of the bathtub fast The outward opening bathtub is a lot smaller than the inward opening bathtub. This is because you don't need a lot of space to open its door. Unlike the inward opening bath tub the door opens in an emergency even if the water is still draining. Various Bath Lifts There Various Bath Lifts to choose from , here are a couple of examples you could choose from: Portable Bath lifts - This is basically a seat that you can lower in to you bath by control, once you slide on to the seat it will lower you down deep into the tub in a gentle manner, you will bath while sitting , once you have have finished push the button and it will bring you back up - simple! Inflatable Bath Lifts - these are very light , as they are nothing but air cushions , they can be inflated or deflated depending on whether you want to get in or out of the bathtub , it has suckers on the bottom to steady it , i would not recommend use to someone who as difficulty with balance, strength and upper muscles are needed to enter and come out of the bathtub. here are a couple of examples of bath lifts and walk in bathtubs below: Bath-mate ( bath Lift ) This helps you bathe more easily without assistance and eases the anxiety of bathing. Bath mate has a non-slip mate that steadies you making it more safe. It is controlled by a remote control with various settings such as the up down mechanism. an advantage of owning a Bath mate is that it is portable and comes with its own travel bag for use away from home, so you don't have to worry about bathing troubles while away. Mini Marvel ( Walk-In Bath) A specially designed walk in Bath for those with difficulty bathing and in small accommodations. the unique shape allows it to fit where other chunky walk-in baths cannot it also gives you the option have a quick shower or to take a long relaxing bath. it is easy accessible step/ step out. If you still finding it difficult to find the right tub for you , there are many companies that you can get in contact with to find out any information or concerns you may still have.
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