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Bathroom basin size and two different types of basins

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

Because of its small footprint and moldability, counter basins are much loved by people. As one of the three major pieces of traditional sanitary ware, consumers should not only pay attention to style, quality and size when choosing, but also have small installation skills.

What is the height of the washbasin in the bathroom?

Although the height of the washbasin is not very noticeable, it is a A problem that should not be ignored is that if the basin is installed too high, it is inconvenient to use, and if it is too low, it is easy to cause pain in the waist and back of people standing, and water will splash. Especially for wall-mounted washbasins, users must pay attention to the height of the washbasin. Under normal circumstances, the owner has no special requirements for the height of the washbasin, so the height of the pool or the countertop should be kept at the height of the basin during installation. Between 80-85 cm.

Due to the height of some users, the height of the conventional washbasin is not suitable for them, so they need to make appropriate adjustments to the height of the washbasin. What is the height of the bathroom washbasin in this case? Just pay attention to one principle: the height of the bathroom basin should be kept at a height of about half of the user's own height. This height is also very comfortable for users to use.

Types of counter basins

1. Under counter basin

The counter basin is entirely located on the counter basin The one above is the above counter basin, and the one below the counter is the under counter basin. Because it is easy to clean and take care of, undercounter basins were very popular in the past. The biggest disadvantage of the under-counter basin is that it is difficult to install and easy to fall off after a long time. When installing an under-counter basin, you must make holes on the countertop according to the size of the basin, and then make a basin bracket, which will bring inconvenience to future disassembly and assembly. And once the basin and the countertop are not spliced u200bu200btogether, there will be hidden dangers such as water leakage.

2. Above counter basins

With the diversification of bathroom decoration styles, above counter basins are gradually being favored by everyone. Compared with the under-counter basin, the installation of the over-counter basin is much simpler. You only need to open the countertop according to the design, then place the basin body at the hole position, and finally seal the edge with glass glue to prevent the basin from leaking. possibility. Moreover, the shape of the above counter basin can be unconstrained, so the shape can be described as rich and diverse, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences.

Basin installation skills

It is best to reserve sockets near the basin. Even if the original design is in place, it is inevitable that there are omissions, so it is reminded to install sockets near the basin, so that the charging problem of small bathroom appliances such as hair dryers, rechargeable shavers, and even small water heaters can be easily solved. In addition, it is best to take a good look at the opening of the basin in advance, if possible, try to avoid re-opening at the construction site. Generally speaking, the opening of the under-counter basin is better in the factory than on-site. The on-site polishing takes time and the effect is not necessarily good. If you really need to open holes, you must pay attention to the pre-opening position to ensure accuracy.

Many people think that the under-counter basin is more elegant, beautiful, and easier to clean than the above-counter basin. However, you must pay attention to the faucet with an under-counter basin, because considering the thickness of the basin edge, the faucet mouth should be as long as possible to ensure normal use. At the same time, when installing the bathroom basin, pay attention to the height to be moderate, which should meet the height requirements and usage habits of the family.

Finally, when buying basin-related products, if you don’t know much about it, it’s best to ask carefully, there are some beautiful-looking accessories , May not be able to be installed in your own home, you must understand clearly in advance.

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