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Bathroom bathtub installation and construction skills

by:KingKonree     2021-05-19

After returning home from a busy day, lying in the bathtub and taking a comfortable hot bath, it not only relieves fatigue and improves mood, it is really a kind of enjoyment. Does this kind of life feel very comfortable and cozy even after thinking about it? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and read the bathtub installation guide prepared by the editor, install a bathtub in your own home, and immediately improve the quality of home life.

First, the bathtub installation details

After the bathtub is purchased, if the installation is another problem. Let's learn about the installation method of the bathtub, so that it can be used at any time when needed in the future.

Bathtub placement form: free-standing and embedded

Bathtub installation, first of all, you need to understand the form of bathtub placement. Generally, there are two types of placement of bathtubs: independent and embedded. The placement type means that the bathtub is directly placed on the bathroom floor. This method is convenient for construction and easy to repair, and is suitable for use when the ground has been decorated. Embedded is to embed the bathtub fully or partially into the countertop. Compared with the embedded bathtub, it is easy and convenient to enter and exit, and is suitable for the infirm.

The installation points of a free-standing bathtub

The installation of a free-standing bathtub is relatively simple. The installation of water inlet and outlet is the key issue. Before installation, it is necessary to reserve or modify the bathtub water outlet and other channels, and then place the bathtub on two wooden strips, connect the upper and lower water, try to fill the bathtub with water, and check whether the water leaks. If there is no leakage, the wooden strips can be taken out. The bathtub is basically installed.

Key points for installation of embedded bathtub

The key point of installation of embedded bathtub is to be waterproof. The main steps are: After making the tubing of the bathtub, in order to achieve the effect of waterproofing, the slotted part should be repaired. It is best to check whether there will be water leakage within a day or two; pave the ground in the normal order; use foam tiles Padded the built-in bathtub, the height is generally less than 60cm; pay attention to the normal size of 250x300mm manhole in the position of the drain pipe.

Precautions for bathtub installation

1. Check whether the bathtub level, front and rear, left and right positions are suitable, check whether the drainage facilities are suitable, and install it firmly. Dirty-proof, bump-proof, and anti-blocking facilities. Do not splash the sparks from angle grinders and spot welders on the bathtub, otherwise it will damage the glaze and affect the beauty of the bathtub.

2. The massage bathtub must be installed with a grounding wire and a leakage protection switch. When installing, pay attention to connecting the electric plug and waterproof the surrounding pad to avoid leakage accidents. Before connecting the water pipe, do a power-on test of the motor to check whether the sound meets the requirements.

3. Before installing the bathtub with bracket, check whether the floor of the bathtub is flat; after placing the bathtub in the reserved position, use a level ruler and adjust the support foot nut until the bathtub is level.

4. Pay attention to the protection of the bathtub. In the process of bathtub installation and house decoration, you can cover the surface of the bathtub with soft materials. Do not stand on the bathtub or place heavy objects on the edge of the bathtub to prevent damage to the bathtub. . The bathtub can be used 24 hours after installation.

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