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Bathroom decorating ideas generally focus on working

by:KingKonree     2020-09-20

During the decorating process of a big bathroom, keep in mind that the room should feel welcoming and pleasant, not hopelessly large. With this goal and the break down of the following four steps, decorating a large bathroom can be an enjoyable process with pleasant results.

Create Unity

A large room can feel welcoming if it is cohesive in style. When decorating, be sure to keep everything in close touch with the color scheme and desired atmosphere. Try to have repeating colors and motifs all around the room, in the trim, the towels and shower curtain, art and accessories. Pick something eye catching to be the repeated element, such as bright spots of red, a large flower shape or even picturesque, vintage handles and knobs. The more noticeable the repetition is, the more unified the room will feel. Follow instinct, keeping the repetition natural and not too strict, to stay away from over matching.

Fill Space

The main quest for bathroom decorating ideas will be to find how to make the room seem less empty. Many large bathrooms have large, open spaces that feel like they can't be filled with the furniture and appliances. If floor space is what needs to be filled, instead of wall space, get creative. Could a large, colorful rug fill the space? Would a chandelier be appropriate to the room style, bringing the ceiling lower and filling the emptiness? If wall space is the issue, look for more furniture, such as shelves and chests of drawers to store extra necessities. Pick big artwork, from large posters to big collections of small, brightly colored prints.

Use Color

Color plays tricks with the eyes, creating impressions of things that aren't exactly accurate. Dark and bright colors make space feel smaller. Don't be afraid to use large quantities of rich colors as long as they can be balanced. Paint the walls dark blue, but only if there are lots of windows with large trim, a light colored shower curtain and large mirrors. The space will decrease, as well as making the room unexpectedly pleasing.

Decorate With a Broad Brush

What ever steps and styles are chosen, they will work in a large bathroom as long as they are bold and confident. The big canvas has to be approached with big shapes, big colors, big repetition. Don't be hesitant. The more bold the decorating is, the more it will draw the room into something small and accessible. Bravery has its rewards. Use big bathroom decorating ideas to make that big bathroom a pretty and comfortable place.

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