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Bathroom decoration tips, Yangtze Sanitary Ware helps you enhance the sense of space in the bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-10-04
Bathroom decoration tips Yangtze Bathroom helps you enhance the sense of space in the bathroom. The bathroom space is a private and more humanized space. It plays an important role in everyone's life. The bathroom space is an indispensable part of daily life. With the rapid development of society and economy, the bathroom space has already broken through its pure bathing function, and has been sublimated into a place for people to stay away from the noise, release stress, and relax. However, bathroom space decoration is a very important item in house decoration, and it is also the most complicated and cumbersome decoration. The following is a summary of bathroom space decoration techniques. 4 tips for expanding the bathroom space. The bathroom space is relatively small. More details and bathroom product elements are needed to meet the needs of everyone, so as to meet its own functional and emotional spatial characteristics, and 'humanization' 'Fashionization' has long become the mainstream trend of bathroom space design. How can we enhance the spaciousness of bathroom space in terms of visual effects? Although the colorful colors of uniform tones are beautiful, they will undoubtedly make small spaces appear more crowded, while light colors such as white, light blue, and light yellow have the effect of expanding the field of vision. Therefore, you may wish to change the color of the bathroom to a uniform light color system, which can effectively enlarge the area visually. If you feel that it is too monotonous, you can work hard on the waistline of the wall. The sleek, floral-shaped waistline is a good choice. The location is placed according to needs. Most of the three traditional sanitary wares are arranged in sequence next to the main wall, but for a small space, it may appear more crowded or even hard to place. For a small bathroom, you don’t have to be so pretty. The toilet does not have to be against the middle of the wall, it can be used normally at the corners of the two walls. Similarly, the bathtub can also be long, square or even round according to the size of the space. The mirror surface enlarges the space and uses large-area glass mirrors to 'renovate' the bathroom. Two large mirrors can be placed, one is attached to the wall, and the other is placed on an inclined ceiling. This not only covers the sewage pipes of the residents upstairs, but also makes the small space full of changes. Layered. The reflection of a large area of u200bu200bglass is enough to produce an 'enlarged' visual effect in the bathroom. Ventilation and lighting are important. Small areas of bathroom are the most avoiding darkness, which will make the originally small space look more narrow. In this way, it is particularly important that the lighting in the bathroom is good. Using frosted glass as a partition wall can make the light flow freely, increase the transparency of the space, and it is also a good way to expand the visual effect. Bathroom space is very important. Construction skills of bathroom threshold. The threshold is the first pass of the bathroom. It plays a role in waterproofing and dividing space in the bathroom. It also has the meaning of gathering wealth in Feng Shui. The key point of the threshold construction design is to pay attention to the slope of the upper surface of the threshold to the inside of the bathroom, so that the water can smoothly slide to the floor drain inside the bathroom. The second point of the threshold construction is to have the same width as the door frame, and the door frame must have the same thickness as the wall, so that the dimensions can be the same when laying floor tiles, which is very effective in preventing cracks. Bathroom floor waterproof construction skills At present, the main waterproof material used in the floor waterproofing is waterproofing agent. When laying the bathroom waterproof layer, it should be laid 20 cm above the foot of the wall, and the height of the waterproof layer cannot be lower than the height of the threshold. When the floor oil is reserved for pipes, the waterproof layer should keep the reserved pipes. After the waterproof layer is finished and dried, cement mortar should be used as a primer immediately to prevent damage to the waterproof layer. Laying floor tiles details When laying floor tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the joints of the floor tiles and align them with the joints of the wall tiles; the floor tiles must have a drain slope. If a bathtub is installed in the bathroom, the front wall of the bathtub must be bricked and tiled. It is best to stick the floor tiles to the bottom of the wall first, and then stick the wall tiles to avoid cracks. Bathroom circuit laying details The wire joints in the bathroom should be hung with tin, and should be wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safety and place leakage. Therefore, the wire body must be covered with a flame-retardant tube, and the switch and socket should preferably have a moisture-proof box, or be installed in a dry area. The details of bathroom wall tiling must be moisture-proof and waterproof before tiling. When tiling, ensure that the wall is flat, and must be seamed and aligned with the floor tiles to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground. The construction details of the bathroom floor drain are generally larger when the new house is handed over to the drainage hole. This requires attention to repair the drainage hole to make it consistent with the floor drain returned from the purchase. In order to prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering, the hole diameter of the refurbished floor drain grate should be controlled between 6-8mm. (
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