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Bathroom feng shui layout, good lighting and icing on the cake

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

Feng shui issues are more important than bathroom decoration. A reasonable feng shui layout actually starts from being beneficial to the health of the family and creating a comfortable home. Whether you like a hearty shower or the comfort of a bathtub, the bathroom is undoubtedly a good place for us to solve problems. The editor specially explains the layout of bathroom decoration Feng Shui, let you create **home Feng Shui!

Feng Shui in the bathroom

The ideal bathroom location should be the side area of u200bu200bthe house,* *Don't be in the middle of the house. The layout of the bathroom is suitable for ventilation and daylighting. It is better to have windows for ventilation and daylighting. If there is no window, it will cause moisture to stay, easy to breed bacteria and other harmful substances, and the dull environment will also make people feel uncomfortable and depressed. At the same time, good lighting is also the most basic requirement of the bathroom, because the bright light can improve the air flow, and the light of the lighting should be soft and not dazzling.

Bathrooms can be simple but must be tidy

Cluttering is a taboo of bathroom feng shui, because it will hinder the flow of air; **The ideal bathroom is those with simple furnishings and simple design. A well-ventilated bathroom. The floor surface must be made of a material that is waterproof and easy to clean. Generally speaking, hard wood, marble, ceramic tiles and vinyl synthetic materials are better, while soft blankets are more inappropriate. Marble, granite and other hard and smooth surfaces will accelerate the flow of air energy, especially in the case of crystal clear and bright, the light can be seen, the effect is better, and it helps to create an exciting environment .

Color needs to be adapted to the entire environment

The use of color in the bathroom is a matter of knowledge. Generally, the space and feng shui environment of the bathroom emphasizes the quality of sanitary ware, and the 'three major pieces' The color selection must be consistent with the overall space tone, taking into account the overall design of the bathroom. Generally speaking, white sanitary ware looks beautiful and comfortable; ivory yellow sanitary ware looks rich and elegant; lake-green sanitary ware looks natural and warm; rose-colored sanitary ware is romantic and reserved. In any case, only with the 'three major pieces' of sanitary ware as the main color, which echoes the colors of the walls and floor tiles, can the entire bathroom be coordinated and comfortable.

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