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bathroom fixtures 101: selecting a toilet

by:KingKonree     2020-03-10
When choosing a bathroom fixture, the toilet is one of the essential components.
Frankly, its emergence must be taken very seriously ---
It can destroy or enhance excessive
The bathroom looks and functions well.
It is essential to choose a model that is pleasing to the eye, easy to clean and sustainable.
I usually choose my favorite brand and model.
However, the bathroom equipment is also constantly developing.
What if there\'s something better out there and I don\'t know? OK.
I will look for new possibilities in \"Far Away.
I will look online, visit various showrooms and see what is available.
Maybe I can finally diversify.
Start exploring online and I check it on TOTO website.
I have to make a choice right away: Is this an option? piece, two-A wall or wall. hung toilet? A two-
The most affordable toilet. Wall-
Hung is the cleanest but it needs one
Wall tank system.
Like other bathroom equipment, the toilet has a variety of styles: modern, transitional, classic and commercial.
My personal preference is fashion and simplicity, which is called modern.
Even TOTO\'s \"modern\" toilet is not simple enough for my taste.
What\'s going on with those toilet seats?
They look bulky.
It\'s tricky to choose bathroom fixtures from photos, and if possible you have to see them in person to measure the scale.
Selection is based on: • Price Range • Installation type • Style • rinse/water Type-
Save function (
A series of gallons-per-
Flush options for family needs)
• Toilet shape:)
Stretching provides extra space and comfort for adults; b)round-
The bowl in front needs less space and is good for kids. • height (
Comfortable height toilet, about 2 inch higher than standard height toilet, makes it easier for you to sit down and stand up)
• Position of stroke bar (left, top)
The skirting provides clean lines from the front to the back; b)
Concealed has a smooth surface at the back of the toilet and usually a trap can be seen; c)
The exposed traps are difficult to clean because they are located behind the bowl.
The trap of exposure
Overall toilet for Waterworks bathroom fixtures brand needs to be considered: dulavit Toto katarano hattiya Calista Kohler American standard Snyder I may choose a wall
Hang the toilet with hidden tanks and minimal footprints, a wall --
There are some obvious advantages to hanging the toilet compared to the standard floorstanding type.
It is especially suitable for small bathrooms as it saves at least 1 feet of the space compared to the longest floormount models.
Because the installed hardware is completely hidden.
The hanging toilet looks stylish and seamless and is easy to clean. Aquia Wall-
Hanging on TOTOAquia Wall
It is very sustainable to be hanged by TOTO.
I prefer dulavit, though.
The price is within the same range.
The next option is the floor
Loading model with in-wall tank.
More expensive than the wall-hung.
I love this model of Duravit! one-
DuravitThen\'s piece-count toilet model has-
Integrated water tank and bowl into the overall toilet with seamless space-saving design. Some low-
When the space is large, the profile model can be installed under the vanity extension.
In addition to Starck 2, the Caro, Pura Vida and Vero toilets in dulavit are also quite beautiful. Two-
The overall toilet is traditionally designed with separate water tanks and bowls.
When replacing an existing toilet, you need to pay attention to the distance between the outlet pipe and the wall behind the toilet, also known as thick-in dimension.
Toilets are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different roughness
So it is crucial to choose the right size.
To find out how big your toilet is
In, simply measure from the wall behind the toilet to the bolt cap of the current toilet.
The substrate should not be included in the measurement.
Well, that\'s the end of the overview.
I hope it will provide information.
If you have further questions regarding the choice of toilet and/or other bathroom fixtures, please ask here.
Alla is an architect who is consulting DIY home improvement enthusiasts online.
This post originally appeared on allaDIYally.
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