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Bathroom furniture manufacturers understand that

by:KingKonree     2020-07-25
Good quality MDF bathroom furniture with a real wood veneer, whether freestanding or fitted, can add a new dimension to your bathroom, bringing you much needed storage space and a bright new look. Before you can add a new dimension, though, you need to measure your old dimensions - in other words, take accurate measurements of your bathroom before you start to shop. Once you have an accurate picture of how many square metres of space you have, and a note of the dimensions of any alcoves or tight corners you'd like to fill with space saving bathroom furniture, you should consider your lifestyle and storage needs. Think about how you use your bathroom - it sounds stupid, perhaps, but everyone has a way of moving round their bathroom, a preferred order for their morning shower routine, and a set of daily use items they need close to hand. Perhaps you're a social bathroom user: bathroom vanities can be doubled up to allow two people to use the basin at one time, or a larger basin could be sourced to allow sharing on a slightly less formal scale. Or if you're a lover of spacious showers, you might like to focus on fitting a small washstand and compact storage units onto a minimal footprint, leaving plenty space for the shower enclosure of your dreams. The Mito range of furniture includes washstands in different widths and cabinets of varying capacities, to help you out with this. To be sure that your bathroom will be comfortably usable once it's been fitted, you should leave a 600mm gap in front of both your basin and toilet, and 700mm of space alongside your bath. If only one person tends to use your bathroom at once, these spaces can overlap - you won't be in two places at once. If you're unsure as to how your bathroom layout will work in practice, try drawing outlines of your intended layout in chalk or pencil on the floor and walls, then walking round and through your 'new' room. This will help you to gain confidence in your design - or to spot any potential disasters. When it comes to cost - which it always does, eventually - you'll find that popular ranges such as Mito are available from a few different suppliers, so it could be well worth your while shopping around if you've spotted some ideal bathroom furniture that seems just a touch expensive.
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