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Bathroom installation masters must know the shower room installation guide

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

The shower room can bring a lot of convenience to our bathroom life, and it is also very healthy. When we buy sanitary ware, many people will choose the shower room in the choice of bathtub and shower room. How much do you know about the installation skills of the shower room? Let's take a look at the bathroom installation master must know with the editor below.

1. Carefully perform the instructions and check whether the product parts are complete.

2. The shower curtain rod is generally installed at a height of about 2.06 meters from the ground (the specific situation can be based on personal habits , And the height of the bathroom). Place the shower curtain rod in the position where you need to install it and compare it to determine the drilling position and make a mark.

3. Use a drill with a diameter of 12mm to drill a hole on the wall (the drilling depth is about 6cm). When drilling, let the drill bit go down slightly, and the butt slightly up after the electric drill, which can effectively prevent the shower curtain rod from sagging.

4. Drive the tent wire with the fastener into the wall and tighten the tent wire.

5. Coat some glass glue on the cylinder of the mounting parts (the purpose of coating glass glue: one is to increase lubrication and facilitate installation; the other is that after the glass glue is solidified, the shower curtain The rod will be more robust and durable).

6. Clean the wall and wipe off the excess glass glue. After 24 hours, it can be used normally.

I hope that the above knowledge of the shower room installation strategy organized for you can help you!

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