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KingKonree - Solid Surface Manufacturer of Sanitary Ware, Solid Surface Countertops & Sheets for over 24 years, innovation in moulding and thermoforming


Turn your bathroom into a place of class and convenience with KingKonree’s bathroom mirror cabinet. This isn’t just a place to store stuff; it’s a beautiful piece that brings light and luxury to your personal sanctuary. We made this mirror cabinet for the modern person who wants their bathroom to look great and work well. KingKonree bathroom mirror cabinet has all the features you need to make your daily routine better. The ambient LED lighting gives you perfect light for grooming. The touch sensor technology is modern and convenient. We thought of everything to make your life better.

wall bathroom cabinet with mirror is made with the best materials, so it will last forever. The strong aluminum frame is durable and moisture-resistant, perfect for a bathroom. The mirror has a safety film, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking and hurting you or your family. With our bathroom mirror cabinets, you can have a convenient storage solution for your toiletries while also having a mirror for your daily grooming needs. The dual-purpose design maximizes space utilization, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. The wall-mounted feature not only saves floor space but also adds a modern and sleek look to your bathroom decor. KingKonree wall bathroom cabinet with mirror is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With ample storage compartments and adjustable shelves, you can easily organize your essentials and keep your bathroom clutter-free. 

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