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Bathroom mirror decoration is a detail that most people will ignore!

by:KingKonree     2021-06-26

In addition to the four essential pieces of toilet, basin, shower room, and bathroom cabinet, the toilet also needs to install many other appliances, such as shelves, towel racks, and bathroom mirrors.

The bathroom is second only to the living room and bedroom where we visit the most times a day. In the bathroom, the role of the bath mirror cannot be underestimated. The clear and bright bath mirror can give people a good mood when dressing up. With the improvement of living standards, the use of mirrors is not only used for washing and combing.

The height of the bathroom mirror

The height of the bathroom mirror is our first consideration in the installation, because unlike other indoor mirrors, we usually choose to stand in the bathroom and look at the mirror. The height of the bath mirror should be adjusted according to the height of the family members, and the height of the bath mirror from the ground should be kept at about 1 m 3. Usually we choose to keep the center of the mirror 160-165cm above the ground.

Due to the different sizes of bath mirrors, there are usually five fixing methods during the installation of the bath mirrors: screw fixation, stud fixation, bonding fixation, supporting pressure fixation and bonding support fixed. Each approach has its own characteristics and scope of application.

When installing the bath mirror, we not only need to customize the height, but we also need to pay attention to the following:

1. The location of the bath mirror should be far away from the shower or bathtub. Ample space for bathing activities.

2. Since the bath will generate heat, we can consider buying anti-fog mirrors.

3. Taking into account personal privacy and Feng Shui factors, the mirror should face the wall as much as possible, and avoid facing the door or window.

4. When choosing lamps and lanterns in the bathroom space, we can consider choosing downlights or wall lights. We do not recommend installing spotlights in the bathroom. Although the spotlights are beautiful, they are generally poor in waterproof effect. Generally, they will fail after a long time.

5. It is not easy to install bathroom mirrors on the opposite side of the window to the door. Avoid seeing some bad things when using the mirror, which may cause fright and panic, especially at night.

6. Many decoration owners will deliberately reduce the bathroom space during the decoration process to enlarge the bedroom or living room, and then form an imaginary space through the reflection of the mirror, and enhance the bathroom space through visual illusions. If you happen to think like this, then you have to choose light colors as much as possible in the choice of bathroom colors. Light colors can make your bathroom appear larger, while dark colors can give people a sense of oppression. The reflection will be more oppressive, so the bathroom should be equipped with a mirror. The bathroom color is best to choose a light color!

7. The bathroom is equipped with a mirror, and the light in the bathroom is dim. Regardless of the color layout of the bathroom, it will be dim. Then the reflection of the mirror in the bathroom makes the bathroom more dim and narrow. If the bathroom is dim, and where there are reflections, the mirror will obviously have strong light. Then the contrast of light and darkness in the bathroom will be large, and it will be easy to be uncomfortable to see the light of the bathroom mirror. If you turn on the light, the bathroom is still very dim, and the quality of the mirror is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is not recommended to design a dim bathroom. Some people think that dimness is more emotional. In fact, it is not suitable for the issue of Feng Shui and mirrors.

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