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Bathroom storage coup, Ausman makes your bathroom more spacious

by:KingKonree     2021-09-04
Bathroom storage coup Ausiman makes your bathroom more spacious, the famous French designer Charlotte Bellian once said: storage is the first element of household facilities, if the storage design is not good, then there will be no room in the room. . Storage is a compulsory course at home. I don’t know which level of skill you have cultivated. Today, Ausman Classroom will test you again. For bathroom storage, you will learn how to store the bathroom. Have you learned anything? 1. Don't change the general direction: The 28th principle must be kept in mind-20% is exposed and 80% is hidden. The so-called 28 principle is to hide 80% of chaos and show 20% of beauty. The items that need to be hidden are: messy daily necessities, infrequently used items, seasonal items, items that are not aesthetically appealing, and exposed items: commonly used daily necessities with decorative collectibles. Toiletries and skin care products to be used every day are recommended. Expose, otherwise every time you take care products and open the cabinet, your hands will be dirty and unhygienic. Other infrequent items are placed in the mirror cabinet, which is convenient for daily use and can be kept clean and tidy. 2. Storage skills 1. Extend the vertical space and multi-layer storage. With the longer and longer living time, there are more and more daily necessities, and the flat storage leads to less and less white space in the bathroom. How to solve it, use the multi-layer shelf to help you easily store it. 2. Using the wall, wall-mounted storage Wall-mounted storage is the most important and efficient storage method for the bathroom, the appearance is not low, and it is more convenient to take. In addition, hanging good-looking things on the wall can also increase the sense of life and decoration. Recently, various wall hooks, wall-mounted soap boxes, wall-mounted brush racks, etc. have all become popular. On the other hand, it is also a good way to choose a shower with a shelf. You can put the shower supplies on the shelf to save other bathroom storage space. 3. Reorganize the clutter into pieces. Centralized storage. Organize some uncommon clutter together to reduce clutter and ensure the orderly tone of the bathroom. It is not recommended to store frequently needed items in a centralized manner. 4. Plan ahead to make the furniture more stowed. In addition to the finishing method, there is this big trick! That is, when decorating the bathroom, take the storage function into consideration and buy a bathroom cabinet. The design of the new bathroom cabinet is very user-friendly. Generally, there are open areas and sealed areas, which can be selected according to the product performance. In addition, the new bathroom cabinet will also consider the needs of ladies and increase the demand for storing skin care products and cosmetics. With the use of smart mirrors, it is more convenient to freshen up and make up in the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom cabinet has other storage space, which is suitable for storing other commonly stocked items, and the bathroom looks cleaner. 5. Set aside a temporary storage area. Set aside a temporary storage area. On the one hand, it is to improve the convenience of the bathroom, and on the other hand, it is to avoid the temporary storage that is not in place and cause the whole to mess up. There are two places in the bathroom. One is that you may take off your clothes when you take a bath, and you need to have space for storage, which can be fixed by hooks. The second is that when you use the toilet, there must be a place for your mobile phone. You can also install a mobile phone stand to solve it. (
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