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Bathrooms are no longer just a functional space-

by:KingKonree     2020-09-19

Get Creative - what do you want out of the space? Do you use it to get focused before starting your day? Or is it a place of solace, a place where you can relax in a bath or take time for yourself? Consider these questions when beginning to figure out your game plan.

Don't forget the lighting! - The light doesn't just have to be right over the mirror. Consider creating some ambience- recessed lighting? New fixtures? The right light can create a warm and inviting environment- one that you'll enjoy being in.

Mirrors - You don't just need a mirror over the sink. Consider placing mirrors elsewhere as well- they can really help 'build out' a space, especially a small one.

Storage - Every bathroom needs towels... but how many of us just have one measly towel rack in our bathroom? Think about building shelves or a storage space that will make your bathroom more functional.

Small space? Think BIG. - If you have a small, cramped bathroom, there's still hope. One fix is changing out a cabinet sink for a floating sink. If you have a bathtub and never really take a bath, you can always consider changing it out for a shower. Other than big reno changes, you can also try out some aesthetic changes that make a difference- experiment with tile options to see what will open up and brighten the space or think about changing the wallpaper or paint on the walls.

Consider consulting with the experts - There are people out there who specialize in bathroom renovations in particular. Get in touch with a designer who specializes in making the best out of any bathroom space. An expert touch can really make a big difference in your project and in how much you can enjoy the results afterwards.

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