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Bathrooms are regarded as the rejuvenating zone

by:KingKonree     2020-09-15

Nature inspired: When we think about tranquility and beauty, nature is the first thought to strike us; in fact it is comparatively easy to bring in a natural feel to your bathroom. Whether you love the lush greenery or the vibrant flowers or the sandy landscapes amaze you, replicating their presence in your bathroom is possible. Making use of wall decals you can transform your plain walls into catchy art pieces or using colorful tiles you can create a very distinctive look and if you wish to paint the walls, then the choices in colors and textures to suit your taste are endless.

Contemporary: A contemporary theme is ideal choice for homeowners who struggle with space as far as bathroom is concerned. Such a design makes bathroom look sleek and modern and also makes sure there is optimum utilization of space. Subtle color combinations, effective use of lighting can drastically change the look of this space. Often people choose to plan their bathroom overhaul using a contemporary theme as it has a minimalistic, simple yet a very classy approach. The focus here is on creating an elegant look that does not compromise on the usability of the available space. Whether you wish to fit a Jacuzzi or make way for ample storage, use of smart architectural techniques is the key here and makes it possible.

Rustic: Bathrooms with rustic appeal can prove to be great charmers. This theme adds a country feel to space with colors that are derived from nature. Reds, browns and shades of orange rule this style. Paint your bathroom walls with these bold colors or accessorize the space with them, the end result is ought to be pleasing to the eyes. This theme suits spacious bathrooms as the dark hues can make smaller spaces look cramped. However you opt for light hues in the dominant areas and highlight the aspects that do not lay emphasis on the space of your bathroom.

Making use of basic color combinations, the right light placement and accessories, the dull bathroom space can be brought to life. In addition to it, you do not always need an expert; some ground work combined with some creativity can bring out astonishing results within a tight budget. Just paying attention and devoting some time in planning are the only two prerequisites.

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