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Bathrooms have a way of getting mold growth in

by:KingKonree     2020-08-25

Mold can get in the wall, which is called black mold, and it is toxic to have in your house. It can cause allergies and other problems that can affect the body. If you are having headaches, that can be a very possible sign that you have mold and you need to check out the house. Call the mold professionals to test the house and check for mold growth. Also have them check the rooms near the bathroom or the room that it is connected to for mold because the moisture can travel to other rooms and form mold under the carpets, walls, floors, and other places that you might not know about.

It can even cause moisture and mold to get up in the ceiling, which can stain the ceiling and cause it to start to bow in which it also makes it dangerous for you. If there is a bad amount of growth growing in the bathroom, everything will have to be torn out, replaced, and something put in like air vents so it will not happen again. If there is mold on the tub, around the top of the tub, or on the tiles, you can kill it with bleach to get rid of it. You will have to scrub to make sure all the mold is gone and the areas are cleaned before anything. If there is a window in the bathroom, open it to help circulate the air in there so it will help keep it dry in there and so no moisture can build up.

Mold can also grow on the shower curtain as well. You need to clean that every time you clean the bathroom so no mold can grow and make sure you get it dry after every use of the shower. If mold has grown on it, it is good to throw it out and get a new one so the mold will not spread on anything else or in the air. Mold can get under the seal or the caulking around the tub. If it gets under there, it will have to be removed and cleaned so it will not do more damage than it already has.

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