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Bathtub blockage battle, easy to clear skills

by:KingKonree     2021-05-12

There is a big bathtub at home. I put a tub of warm water and a beautiful petal bath when I get home from get off work. That's a refreshing one! But if the drain in the bathtub is blocked, what should I do? Soft girl cute girl Some troubles, this is really annoying. Don't worry, today I will give you a detailed explanation of the cause of the blockage of the bathtub sewer, as well as the proven dredging skills. In this way, you don’t have to worry about this little thing anymore, right?

First, the main reason for the bathtub blockage:

1. Hair usually causes the toilet to block the floor drain and wash your hands. Basin plug, bathtub plug, shower room block. Therefore, a cover is usually used for drainage cover and other protective equipment to a certain extent, if hair can be easily picked up in the trash can and thrown away.

2. It is very common to block the sewer with a hard object, and accidentally sink into the hard object to block the drainage without using it.

3. Sewer blockage caused by decoration. This is furniture ** may happen, we have encountered a lot, because when you are not careful, the case is refurbished due to the blockage of the sewer, this is definitely not a coincidence, so we must take protective measures before accessories.

Second, how to unblock the bathtub drain:

1. Because there is a cover at the drain in the bathtub, it can only be unblocked from the floor drain. Buy a hand-operated spiral steel wire from the floor drain. Push it down while shaking until it feels like a foreign object, and then gently pull it up while shaking it. The clogged hair and other dirt will spin on the spiral steel wire, just take it out.

2, put the caustic soda into the mouth of the sewer, and then pour the boiling water in.

3. Thick rattan can be used. The head of the rattan can be nailed with ten and eight-inch long iron nails. The rattan is pushed in and pulled out, and it will be dredged if you operate it many times.

4. If the above methods do not work, you need professional help.

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