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Bathtub placement philosophy, bathroom feng shui needs to match

by:KingKonree     2021-05-11

The sanitary ware is the key object of household hygiene. It is a place where bacteria are prone to occur in the home **. Regardless of whether it is used or not, the use of neighbors will still affect us. Sterilization is very necessary, otherwise the living environment and health of the residents will be very worrying. Therefore, the placement of bathroom items must also consider various factors. Below, the editor will analyze the Feng Shui philosophy of bathroom placement. If you don’t understand the friends, don’t miss it!

Home The most important principle of bathtub decoration. In the old days, do not remove, add or move the bathtub at will for the sake of active line, functional requirements or Fengshui issues. Unless you live in a detached house and you can change the baths and toilets upstairs and downstairs together, it is better to move less.

When decorating the bathtub, as long as you grasp the key points such as clean, refreshing, ventilated, and bright, it will have a bonus effect on fortune; violation of the above key points will have negative results.

The bathroom feng shui talks about not storing water, but it is actually just that, that is, you should not be controlled by bad emotions, so use the ritual of bathing to change your mood for yourself. Whenever the ancients encountered serious occasions, they always paid attention to 'showing and changing clothesIf you regard bathing as a kind of exercise for emotional health, then you must let go of the dirty water after sex, which symbolizes that all the bad things have gone with the water and you have become a brand new self. By extension, the deep meaning of this feng shui principle is to tell people that we must say goodbye to all bad things thoroughly, and we must not drag things out, and we must not leave troubles in the future.

Therefore, decoration owners must remember to drain all the dirty water after taking a bath, and it is best not to keep sewage in the house on weekdays. This violates the taboo of household feng shui and will give yourself And the family has a bad influence.

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