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KingKonree new bathtub shelf/bath caddy tray is available!

A tray for bathtub is a convenient accessory that enhances your bath time experience by providing a stable and secure surface to hold your essentials within reach.Take a moment to relax with this bathtub caddy. The bathtub tray is perfect to place candles, your ipad or any other bath accessories. Extendable bath tray: The length can be adjusted to fit the width of the bathtub. An extendable bathtub tray can be adjusted to fit most standard-sized bathtubs. You can easily achieve any width of bath, read magazines and novels, watch music and movies in the bath, enjoy a relaxing bath with wine or books. You will have a relaxing and relaxing time! Whether you're enjoying a soak after a long day or just looking to add a touch of luxury to your bath routine, a tray for bathtub is an excellent investment that will make your bathing experience more comfortable and enjoyable. KingKonree provides bamboo bathtub shelf, acrylic stone bathtub canddy tray, metal bath caddy for selection, welcome to contact to get further information.

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