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best fourth of july deals on refrigerators

by:KingKonree     2020-05-23
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Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.
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While you won\'t see a black Friday level discount, you can still find some great refrigerators on Independence Day weekend.
\"The best time to buy a refrigerator is always at the end of November,\" said Min Kim Bryant, a consumer reporting market analyst . \".
\"But there are a lot of deals to do if you need a fridge now.
\"To help you shop wisely and save time, we combed dozens of refrigerators that were on sale in AJ Madison, electrical connections, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lao and Sears and topped our overall refrigerator rating.
They include a selection of brands from a wide range of sales such as GE, Kenmore, LG, Samsung and Whirlpool.
As we have noted in the past few sales campaigns, France has the most discounts
But we also found a lot of top refrigerators. Refrigerator, bottom
Refrigerator and sideby-
SIDE model with solid marks.
All of the following prices should remain unchanged by Independence Day weekend, and sales of Best Buy, Home Depot and Lao should remain unchanged by July 10.
Please note that all savings marked below are not within the list price range.
We have organized this list by refrigerator configuration, models are listed in alphabetical order (
Not sorted by CR level).
CR members can view detailed ratings and reviews by clicking on each model name. Best Top-
We haven\'t seen much deep sales yet.
Freezer, no discount is higher-end models.
Kenmore 60412 this deal: Sears savings $500: $130 budget-
Conscious shoppers looking for decent tops
Refrigerators should consider the Kenmore 60412 for sale in Sears.
While this is not a huge discount, the overall rating of this model is very good, a rare feat for this low priced refrigerator.
Kenmore 79433 the deal: $900 for Sears savings: $880
You might think that Kenmore 79433 is a bit expensive-
Even with such a big discount
But the higher price gives you the stainless steel finish and there are some features that are hard to find on the top
It includes an internal water dispenser and a refrigerator.
This Kenmore does not provide a good temperature uniformity (
It\'s fair in that test)
As a result, it will be more susceptible to warmth and cold.
But our survey shows Kenmore
The freezer is very reliable.
Whirlpool wrtsman szdm this deal: Home Depot savings $748: $351, discount about $350, this Whirlpool top-
The fridge is a good deal.
It did a great job in our testing, and overall got a very good rating, even with stainless steel finishes.
There is no extra feature in this fridge, although you can purchase a fridge for an extra $100. Best Bottom-
We found a bottom.
The freezers of AJ Madison and Sears are all very economical.
GEGDE21ESKSS this deal: $1,093 Savings for AJ Madison Savings: $557, just under $1,100, which is the bottom of GE
The fridge is a good choice.
In our test, it is good at temperature control, at the bottom of GE
The freezer is quite reliable according to our latest member survey.
This model features a stainless steel finish with a refrigerator, overflow-proof shelves, and digital controls.
Kenmore 69313 the deal: $900 for Sears savings: $500
Refrigerator for less than $1,000, which made the price of £ 69313 stolen.
Thanks to its excellent performance and value combination, it has won the title of CR Best Buy.
You will get stainless steel finishes, ice makers and digital controls that are rare on submarines$1,000 range.
Kenmore Elite 79043 the deal: $1,100 for Sears savings: $1,000
Refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators we have tested in this category and it is very good to buy for $1,100.
It comes with a stainless steel finish and comes with an ice maker, an overflow-proof shelf, and digital controls, all of which make the deal even sweeter.
WhirlpoolWRB322DMBM transaction: AJ Madison savings of $994: $605 and then
The refrigerator at WhirlpoolWRB322DMBM sells for less than $1,000 and performs well in our performance tests, especially in terms of thermostat control and temperature uniformity.
Like the other bottom.
We found that this type of refrigerator is equipped with a refrigerator, an overflow-proof shelf, and a digital control device that is packaged on a stainless steel finish. Best Side-by-
Good side-by-
It\'s hard to get a side deal, but we \'ve found three deals stand out.
GEGSS25GSHSS this deal: $999 for labor savings: $600, under $1,000by-
Side is a great choice for shoppers with a budget.
It did a pretty good job in our lab testing and GE. by-
Score the middle on both sidesof-the-
In our latest membership survey, the road is good for the reliability of the forecast.
This GE is made of stainless steel finish throughthe-
Door water/ice dispenser, spill-proof shelf and digital control.
Lglsxc22encs deal: $1,795 AJ Madison savings: $734 lglsxc22encsjustifies have some extra features for their high price, which is on the unusual sideby-
Side, including access to fresh Windows
Food areas and doors-in-door design.
We evaluated a similar model that performed very well in our performance tests, and we hope the model will deliver the same performance. One downside? LG side-by-
In our member survey, the parties did not do well in terms of the reliability of the forecast and only received a fair rating.
Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ the deal: $1,114 saved by AJ Madison Savings: $385, slightly above $1,100by-
The side is worth considering.
In our performance test, it did a pretty good job and even reached an excellent grade in terms of temperature uniformity.
When you add stainless steel finish, pass-the-
This refrigerator is a good choice for a reasonable price
Conscious ShoppersBest Three-Door French-
There are dozens of three-door French-
The door refrigerator on sale, but only a few combine great value and top performance.
There are six models available at the same time.
GE GNE27JSMSS this deal: $1,293 saved by AJ Madison: $680
The price of the door is several hundred dollars lower than its average price.
It did quite well in our performance test, but please note that GE French-
In our investigation, the reliability of the door is only a fair evaluation.
Although it did not pass-the-
Door Dispenser, it does come with an internal water dispenser, an ice machine and a complete
Drawer width.
Kenmore Elite 73163 this deal: Sears savings $2,400: $1,500 is a bit expensive compared to the other deals we found, Kenmore Elite 73163, but it gets a high score in our performance tests and is equipped with advanced features.
A detailed feature set includes a doorin-
Door design, stainless steel finish, unique adjustable shelf (
Can be lifted or lowered without removing foodAnd through-the-
Water/ice dispenser.
LGLFCS22520S deal: $995 home appliance connection savings: $149 don\'t let the meager savings fool you, this LG French-
The door was stolen for less than $1,000.
It provides excellent performance for price with excellent thermostat control and temperature uniformity.
There\'s a trade, of course-
Off: one missing from this modelthe-
Water/ice dispenser.
LGLFXS28968D this deal: best buy savings $1,800: $810
The door is a black stainless steel variant of CR-
TestedLG LFXS28968S.
In all of our performance tests, this model gets high marks.
The TheLFXS28968D offers premium features that make it worth it at a higher price, including throughthe-
Door-to-door water/ice dispenser, overflow-proof shelves, LED lighting, smartphone app control and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Samsung RF263TEAESG this deal: $1,499 for labor savings: $1,150
For most of the year, the price of the door is about $1,500.
This model is the key to our thermostat control and temperature uniformity testing, two key tests for the performance of the refrigerator.
It features dark stainless steel finish, digital control, throughthe-
Door water/ice dispenser, along with a unique adjustable shelf, can be lifted without removing food. Best Four-Door French-
Door DealsWe found four notable deals in this category, all of which were less than $2,000.
Haier HRQ16N3BGS this deal: $949 for Lloyd\'s savings: $600 this is Haier\'s most affordable 4-door French-
Door on the market, you can buy more than one
The third is the price tag.
It doesn\'t offer much functionality, just stainless steel finishes and digital controls, but its performance is reliable.
In addition to ease of use, our testers provide it with a comprehensive high score and it earns a fair amount of revenue in this regard.
Kenmore 72595 the deal: $1,700 for Sears savings: $2,260 for savings is a bit deceptive here --
We usually see this Kenmore, France.
The price of the door is around $1,600.
Still, $1,700 is a good price for a four persondoor French-door.
With a stainless steel finish, this Kenmore has two separate freezer drawers for more tissue use.
This is a smart refrigerator, which means it can work with the Kenmore Smart app and Amazon Alexa to adjust the settings and check the status of the refrigerator.
It performed well in our lab tests, but not the most dynamic
Efficient compared to competitors.
Lglmxs28626 the deal: AJ Madison and appliances\' Connection saved $1,995: $1,194. Although lglmxs28626 is a higher price on this listend model.
It performs well in almost all of our performance tests, with the only exception being its mediocre energy efficiency.
This LG also offers a lot of features includingthe-
Door-to-door water/ice dispenser, air filter, overflow-proof shelf, smartphone app control and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
SamsungRF24FSEDBSR this deal: Labor savings $1,799: $1,700, almost half the price tag
Almost all of our lab tests went well.
Like the LG above, the exception here is energy efficiency, which has a medium rating.
Different from the other four.
In this list, this Samsung car door model has a temperature-
Adjustable middle drawer for entertainment (
Can be adjusted for party platter, cold drink, etc).
It also comes with a straight throughthe-
Door water/ice dispenser, unique adjustable shelf, spill-proof shelf and digital control.
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