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Add a Slice of Luxury to Your Bathroom with a Wall-Mounted Wash Basin


A bathroom is where we spend our 'me time', have reflections, and get new ideas.   A beautifully designed bathroom enhances the overall feel of your home. With bathrooms getting compact day by day, how can we build an aesthetically pleasing bathroom and save space while retaining maximum functionality? You can do so by introducing a wall mounted wash basin. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this space-saving wash basin: What's a wall mounted wash basin, the best wall hung basins, why you should get one, and more.

What’s a Wall Mounted Wash Basin?

Wall mounted wash basin is a type of basin directly attached to the wall with the fixing bolts without the support of a pedestal or vanity. Therefore wall mounted basins are often known as wall hung basins. The wash basin comes in different designs and installation styles to add oomph to your bathroom space.

Customized Wash Basin Bathroom Modern Hand Wash Basin New Hotel Bathroom Wall Basin

Is Wall Mounted Wash Basin a Right Choice for Me?

It has become a common sight now to see wall mounted wash basins in bathroom spaces. Wall-mounted wash basin saves space and is an ideal investment for smaller bathroom settings. Compared to traditional wash basins, wall mounted wash basins have reduced depth. Besides maximum functionality, these wash basins add flair and glamour to your bathroom space. These minimalist basins come in various modern shapes and styles, so you won't have to give up on elegance for functionality.

5 Best Wall Mounted Wash Basin

A wall mounted wash basin should match the color combination of your bathroom space, so it looks in the right place. Take a look at these contemporary wall mounted wash basin by Kingkonree adds a touch of class and grace to your bathroom space.

1. European Design Wall Mounted Wash Basin

The European design wall mounted wash basin is a luxurious addition to your space. It has a minimalist design, yet it exudes grandeur from every angle. Its soft edges speak about its top quality and finesse. The outer surface has a matte finish, while the basin is made of gel coat stone resin. The wash basin has a vast color palette, so you can choose the one that suits your bathroom best.

2. Artificial Stone Resin Basin

The artificial stone resin basin adds a touch of class to your bathroom. You can customize it according to your desired shape, color, and molding. It has a sleek and minimalistic design that speaks of flair and luxury. It's available in round, oval, square, and rectangular shapes. You can get a matt or glossy finish based on your needs.

3. Modern Luxury Art Wall Hung Mounted Sink

This modern luxury art wall hung mounted sink is painted with classic white lines to accentuate its beauty. The black and bold appearance instantly attracts the attention of anyone who sees it. The basin is resistant to stains and scratches, so you won't have to worry about maintenance. You can customize the basin according to your needs.

4. Fancy Above Counter Wash Basin

The fancy above counter wash basin enhances its beauty with a black outer and white inner surface. The basic black keeps your bathroom space minimalist yet classy. The basin is made using anti-yellowing technology to keep your basin spotless. The basic black keeps your bathroom space minimalist yet classy. The basin is made using anti-yellowing technology to keep your basin spotless. Besides the bathroom, it’s perfect for beauty salons, restaurants, and gymnasiums.

5. Marble Pattern Wash Basin

The marble pattern wash basin enhances and livens up your bathroom space. It's sturdy and comes with a glossy or matt finish. The sleek black tap over the slick white basin creates a striking combination. It's available in multiple colors, so you can choose the one that fits your bathroom's overall look. The basin has a delicate appearance, but it's made of solid materials to maximize durability.

Modern Luxury Art Wall Hung Mounted Sink Solid Surface Acrylic Wall Hang Basin

Why Should You Get a Wall Mounted Basin?

There are many reasons you should get a wall mounted wash basin for your bathroom. The wall hung basin saves space in your bathroom that you can use for other purposes like installing cabinets and stands. As this basin is directly mounted to the wall, it can be installed at a height more suitable to you. This saves you from neck strain and back pain. The wall mounted wash basin is without a pedestal, which makes cleaning easier as there is more space on the floor. Thus, the dirt and grime don't build up on the floor. These basins are modern and chic without sacrificing their functionality. Newer wall mounted wash basins have greater shelf space where you can place your bathroom essentials like shower gel, hand soaps, shampoo, etc.

Types of Installation for Wall Mounted Wash Basin

Wall mounted wash basins can be installed in different styles, including countertop, free-standing, console, and built-in.

  • Countertop

The countertop basin, as the name suggests, is installed on the counter. It's a good option if you like a supporting structure beneath the wash basin. It goes well for both single and double basins. If you love vintage-style interiors, this wall-mounted wash basin installation style is your best bet.

  • Free-Standing

The free-standing wash basin is an uncomplicated installation. This pedestal sink is independent of cabinets and counters. Despite being simple, the basin exudes elegance.

  • Console

The console installation style is a perfect investment for a classic space. In earlier times, this installation style was common. Today it's used to add uniqueness to the place.

  • Built-in

The built-in wash basins are built over the bathroom counter or internally encrusted, so the surface appears continuous. This style is fine and pleasing to the eyes.


The wall mounted wash basin is in vogue for all the right reasons. It adds charm to your bathroom space, making it appear chic and classy. Kingkonree offers an attractive range of wall-mounted wash basins to make your bathroom pop. You should get a wall-hung basin as it adds glamour, saves space, and prevents neck and back strain.

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