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All You Need to Know About Solid Surface Vanity Tops


Buying your home accessories for modification can be a litte overwhelming task. Especially when the market is full of 1000 options confusing you. This confusion takes over when you go out to purchase a vanity top.. Even though solid surface vanity tops have been the go-to vanity tops for the last few decades. Despite that, they do come with their fair share of pros and cons. If you are also looking to buy solid surface vanity tops, read this article till the end as we go through all you should know about solid surface vanity tops and shine some light on their pros and cons. 

What Are Solid Surface Vanity Tops?

Since solid surface vanity tops have been a major part of many homes for the better part of more than five decades, they have managed to cement their reputation as one of the best choices. Solid surface vanity tops comprise of mineral particles, bonding resins, and pigments. These tops are also known as homogenous tops as they have the same consistent material throughout, unlike surfaces like laminate which have multiple layers. These tops are made using resins of polyester, acrylic, or a combination of both. Each of these materials offers a different fit and finish. Acrylic resins offer a matte finish, while their Polyester counterparts have a glossier appearance. This means that they have a wider selection of vibrant and shiny countertops. You can also buff a Polyester top and extract more shine, but it comes at the cost of visible scratches and marks.

solid surface vanity tops

Pros And Cons of Solid Surface Vanity Tops

While buying any type of vanity top, you need to make sure that you are aware of its merits and demerits. This is because each material has its own set of flaws that might be a big deal for you. If you have a lot of heat and fire in your kitchen, buying a solid surface vanity top might not be the smartest option as they are quite susceptible to heat and fire. Like, Granite tops are quite durable and can resist temperatures of up to a staggering 1200-degree Fahrenheit, but they might not be the best buy if you want to go for aesthetics. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of solid surface vanity tops.

  • Pros

Since the minimalistic approach has been quite the trend for the last few years, more people have started to buy solid surface vanity tops that feature invisible seams. This means that many pieces can be joined and molded together to form a big working area without having visible creases. Another reason why solid surface vanity topsare desirable is that their surface is non-porous and does not allow water to seep through when kept in good condition, which keeps bacteria at bay. As solid surface vanity tops are completely homogenous, it ensures higher durability than other multi-layered tops. This quality also makes them quite easy to maintain as you can easily clean them using a mixture of soapy water and wipe them using a cloth. If any unforeseen incident happens and your solid surface vanity top gets scratched, you can easily fix those by using sandpaper and sanding out the affected area.

  • Cons

While all of these pros may seem convincing enough to push you towards buying a solid surface vanity top,these tops have their fair share of problems and might not be suitable for people who intend to do heavy work. While, new solid surface vanity topsare quite shiny and look really elegant, they are quite prone to scratches and can quickly lose their appeal. If you accidently make a deep scratch or cut on your solid surface vanity top, it can cause it to lose its non-porous nature and let water seep in, which can host bacteria and damage your top, rendering it unsafe to use. Another drawback of these solid surface vanity topsis that they are easily damaged by heat or fire. If you expose these tops to fire, they can cause discoloration and even crack under certain circumstances. While these countertops might fare well in your kitchen, you might want to steer clear of these if you are planning on laboratory or chemical work. These solid surface vanity tops are known to get damaged if any strong chemicals are spilled over the counter. It can lead to discoloration and even cracks and scratches.

solid surface vanity tops  Kingkonree

Where To Buy Solid Surface Vanity Tops From?

Now that you know all about solid surface vanity tops,you might get tempted to buy and install them in your house. Since there are cheap quality products all over the market, you need to make sure that the place you are buying them from is credible and trusted. To set yourself free from all these worries, visit KingKonree and choose the solid surface vanitytop of your choice without having to worry about quality issues, as all of their products go under rigorous testing and are made to last long while being reasonably priced. They also have a variety of other products like bathtubs and basins if you are interested.


This was a conclusive yet detailed article on all you need to know about solid surface vanity tops and their pros and cons. We hope that this article clears all your queries about solid surface vanity tops. If you are looking to purchase a solid surface vanity top, head over to KingKonree and choose a top from their wide variety of products, as they offer top-quality products at reasonable rates. You can also find other products like washbasins, bathtubs, and shower trays if you want to buy a complete set of accessories. 

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