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KingKonree - Solid Surface Manufacturer of Sanitary Ware, Solid Surface Countertops & Sheets for over 23 years.

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Solid Surface Bathtub KKR-B008
Hot Selling Artificial Stone Solid Surface Freestanding Soaking Bathtub  KKR-B003
Small size acrylic solid surface resin stone wall mounted wash basin with towel hanger KKR-1105-A
Artificial Marble Texture Pattern Solid Surface Sheets KKR - M8810
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KingKonree, as one of the most experienced solid surface manufacturers in China, provides all kinds of solid surface bathroom countertops for customers. We utilize all kinds of advanced technology to make the product be of superior performance. Being processed by the skilled surface polishing technology, the product has a smoother and softer surface. There is no porous or splicing trace on the product, allowing the product to be easy to clean and maintain. With our exclusively developed anti-yellowing technology, the solid surface vanity top is manufactured with the performance of keeping high color fastness to perspiration on the surface. Thanks to our independent R&D ability, the product is popular for its fashionable and high-end design. Additionally, our advanced machinery like CNC machine, infrared cutting machine, casting machine, hole-cutting machine, and trimming machine ensures the accurate dimension of each product. We ensure the thickness tolerance of one slab is strictly controlled within 0.5mm. The product has passed CE, CUPC, and SGS certificates and has the advantages of stain resistance, high temperature resistance, and anti-fungal performance. KingKonree provides over 300 colors of the bathroom solid surface countertops for customers and can also customize the color as requested. We can also supply the products with different thickness ranging from 6mm to 30mm.

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Enter solid surface bathroom countertops-versatile and durable surfaces that offer an array of benefits for your bathroom sanctuary. Whether you opt for classic white or venture into bolder hues, these countertops effortlessly elevate any space with their sleek and seamless appearance. But it's not just about looks; Solid surface vanity tops are also highly resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture. Imagine never having to worry about hot curling irons leaving marks behind or toothpaste spills tarnishing your beautiful countertop again! Moreover, these countertops are non-porous—a true blessing in disguise when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in one of our most intimate spaces. Say goodbye to stubborn mold or bacteria growth; solid surface materials provide an impenetrable barrier against unwanted germs. With countless options available in terms of colors, patterns, and finishes-you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild! 


Why select KingKonree as your solid surface bathroom countertops supplier?

- Business type: Manufacturer/Factory. 

- Rich industry experience: 23 years professional experience in solid surface designing, developing and manufacturing;

- Kingkonree factory covers about 15 000 sqm in total.

There are 4500 sqm sanitary wares workshop, 2000 sqm solid surface stone sheets workshop, 2 000sqm fabrication workshop, 1 500sqm warehouse, 1000sqm granules 

and laboratory. Office building, warehouse, and others take the rest 4000sqm;

- Complete category, hundreds of color and a variety of types for your one-stop purchasing.


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