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Stone Resin Bathtub: A Luxurious Addition to Upgrading Your Bathroom


A modern lifestyle can only be maintained by investing in the latest accessories to keep everything up-to-date in your home. Stone resin bathtub is the new trend ruling bathroom accessories. It not only gives a luxurious touch to your bathroom but also looks aesthetically pleasing. A bathtub is a great addition to and surely upgrades the entire appeal of your bathroom. If you are looking to explore modern bathtubs, the best features to look for, functionality, comfort, installation process, cleaning, and maintenance, then you are at the perfect blog. In this blog, you will find all this information that will get you acquainted with all you need to know about the latest stone resin freestanding tub.
 stone resin freestanding tub KingKonree
Top-notch stone resin bathtub

To start with, you need to know what material is used in a top-notch stone resin bathtub because you don’t want to invest in a low-quality bathtub. The solid surface bathtub is surely ruling the bathroom accessories owing to its immense benefits. It gives the tensile strength and resistance to the bathtub that you expect in a high-quality bathtub. You might be wondering what solid surface refers to. Let's explore to understand the composition completely.

Solid surface is a man-made composite stone rather than a real stone. It is composed of a mix of alumina trihydrate (ATH), epoxy/polyester resins, acrylic, and pigments. Made from these powerful materials, solid surface bathtubs have remarkable resistant properties. These bathtubs are known for their strength and the best part is that they can retain heat up to 50% which makes them perfect if you plan to soak for longer hours.

You need to make sure that the solid surface is made with perfection while using all the ingredients in the right manner to make a real solid body for the bathtub. The ingredients that combine to develop the composite sold surface include filler, particles, pigments, and binder. Here is a glance at the purpose and usage of these essential ingredients:

· Filler: It is the dry ingredient that offers real strength to the composite stone. Aluminum Trihydrate (ATH) is most often used as the filler whereas calcium powder can also be used alternatively. ATH is a natural mineral that works just like stone dust. This white powdered filler offers the needed tensile strength to the bathtub making it able to withstand heavy load without distorting or bending.

· Pigment: Pigment is what gives color to the composite. You can choose the pigment of your choice from the tremendously wide variety of available pigments to give the desired color to the composite. It gives you the freedom to color the solid surface and in turn the bathtub in a huge variety of colors making those more appealing to the users who can buy the bathtub that matches other bathroom accessories. Although it is possible to offer solid surfaces in a huge variety but mostly the common color schemes are opted for mass production that majority of the customers prefer to buy.

· Binder: As the name suggests, the binder is a key ingredient in binding the other ingredients together. Resin is used as a binder to manufacture solid surfaces and can be extracted from plants. Acrylic resin can work great if you are looking to make moldable thermos sheets of solid surface., You can also use polyester resin which gives great results in making a brittle sheet for a solid surface. The polyester resin is also famous for its glass-like finish that gives a glossy touch to the solid surface.

· Particles: As you can infer from the name, small particles can be added to the composite to give a particular design or pattern to the final solid surface. The design and pattern surely give a luxurious finish to the solid surface and bathtub that attracts the customers to make a purchase.


Why invest in a stone resin bathtub?

You might be wondering what makes a stone resin freestanding tub so worthy to invest in. Well, it offers exceptional benefits to the customers which makes it a worthy investment. Here are some of the perks that will surely motivate you to get your bathtub as soon as possible.

· Aesthetic appeal: The stone resin bathtub looks aesthetically appealing and offers a luxurious glam look to your bathroom. It is available in various shapes and sizes to choose from so that you can find a perfectly suitable bathtub.

· Luxury in the budget: Having a bathtub in the bathroom gives a luxurious touch to the bathroom. But the best part of investing in a stone resin bathtub is that it is light on the pocket in comparison to other natural stone bathtubs made from granite or marble. So, these stone bathtubs give you an alternative to enjoy luxury while maintaining your budget.

· Comfort: Most bathtubs are designed ergonomically ensuring that the customer enjoys a relaxing time while soaking or bathing in the bathtub. You can stay in the bathtub for hours enjoying a soothing bath without getting tired in such bathtubs.

· Durability: The solid surface bathtubshave an innate tensile strength that makes them withstand heavy loads and daily wear and tear without falling apart. These bathrubs are also easy to repair which makes them durable so that you can enjoy the bathtub for the years to come. A superior quality bathtub can be durable for as long as 70 years.

· Exceptional heat retention: The stone resin bathtub can retain heat which makes it perfect to offer you a cozy bath. The water in the bathtub can stay warm for hours to ensure that you get an exceptional soaking experience.

· Easy to clean: These bathtubs are super easy to clean considering that they won't absorb water or leave yellow water marks. You can easily wash them and clean them with a soft cloth and the bathtub will shine like it's new.

Solid Surface Freestanding Bathroom Stone Resin Bath Tub

Qualities to Look for in a Bathtub

If you are a newbie and want to look for the best bathtub for your bathroom then you need to look for certain qualities while finalizing the bathtub. Here are some of the most pressing features that will help you make a better decision:

· Freestanding bathtubs: Make sure that you invest in freestanding solid surface tubs as they offer you the freedom to put those anywhere in your bathroom you like. Such bathtubs are standalone products that can be kept anywhere as they offer a finished look from all sides so they won't need to be put with a wall from a particular side. Investing in a freestanding bathtub, you buy the liberty to put the bathtub at any angle and any place in your bathroom.

· High-quality material: Invest in a bathtub that is designed with high-quality material to make sure that it is strong enough to last for years.

· Repairability: It is human to get in an accident and damage the bathtub. To enjoy your bathtub for real you need to invest in a bathtub that is repairable. Or else a little accident can throw all your money to waste as irrepairable bathtubs need to be replaced costing you a good bucks. In contrast, you can choose to buy a bathroom that is made with a material that can be repaired easily such as an acrylic solid surface. This is a material that can be renewed quite easily so if your bathtub gets damaged or even a scratch then you can repair the bathtub in a way that the damage doesn’t stay visible anymore.

· High resistance towards deterioration: A great bathtub is made with material that makes sure that it has great resistance towards deterioration that can happen over time. A bathtub crafted with gel-coat resin stone offers this quality of being resistant and long-lasting.

· Easy maintenance: Along with high strength and resistance, you need to buy a bathtub that is easy to clean and maintain. By easy maintenance we don’t only refer to repairing the wear and tear but also the ability to polish the bathtub in a while to make it as good as new. The bathtub can lose its glam shine with time which requires a polish touch to revive it. This is why it is essential to make sure that the bathtub can be repolished easily to enjoy bathing for the years to come.

· Perfect Color: While choosing the bathtub, you need to make sure that you choose the right color that suits your bathroom. It surely depends upon customers’ preferences. You can buy a matching bathtub or a contrasting one. In general, investing in a neutral color (off-whie, pearl white) bathtub results to be a great addition to the bathroom. When choosing color, also make sure that the manufacturer guarantees that the bathtub has anti-yellowness quality as you won't like your bathtub to have yellow water stains over time.

· Zero slipperiness: Mostly bathtubs get slippery when wet which makes it difficult to enjoy the bath as expected. This is why to make the most out of your soaking and bathing experience, invest in a tub that has anti-humidity and anti-moisture abilities which makes sure that the surface isn’t slippery and customers can safely enjoy the bath.  

· No water absorption: A bathtub that comes with the quality of no water absorption can be more durable which makes it a feature you wont like to compromise. Also look for manufacturers that offer other compelling features such as anti-pollution properties, glossy finish, and flame retardance.

Steps to install bathtub

You might already be planning to get your bathtub. Once you find the perfect bathtub, you need to follow these steps to install it properly in your bathroom:

· Identify the place where you want to place your bathtub.

· For easy installation, it is better to draw the place with chalk or marker. You can cover the floor with a sheet before doing this to make sure your bathroom floor stays neat.

· Make sure that the drain line is aligned with the drain hole of the bathtub. Make sure that the drainage works perfectly so that there won't be any trouble afterward.

· Put a layer of silicon sealant under the bathtub before placing it. You can do this by placing the tub on lumber for a while. Make sure you apply the sealant thoroughly on the bottom.

· Now connect the waste line and water supply line to your bathtub.

· Let it rest for atleast 48 hours without using it to let it settle down in the desired position. Make sure there is no water contact or even moisture in the bathroom.

· After 48 hours, fill with lukewarm water in the tub to ensure that the bathtub is in perfect working condition with no leakage.

· It is ready to use and enjoy a soothing bath. 

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