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A professional China sanitary ware brand, manufacturer of solid surface artificial stone products.


Kingkonree is a sanitary ware and solid surface sheet manufacturer and supplier in China, which is a world’s leading company specializes in solid surface / stone resin baths and kitchen. Enter KKR website, you’ll immediately be attracted by the market hot sale design.


The company’s innovative and high quality products on offer are 100% made for the high quality standard export destinations. They, with smooth look and feel, are high  cost-performance ratio, dirty resistant, highly pure, radiation-free, crack-free, and not fast-yellowing.


From solid surface bathtubs to washbasins, from sinks to custom-designed vanity tops, from shower tray to shelves, from mirrors to baths stools, Kingkonree has it all. Kingkonree works tirelessly to offer customers, contractors, designers and architects the very best experience. Full installation instructions are also available.



Since established, KingKonree has owned a complete set of facilities for sanitary ware and solid surface products.

To satisfy customers' requirements, we have invested a lot in both human resource developing and production technology introducing.

So far, we have gathered a service team consisting of professional staff who are all good at offering tailoring service. All of them have accumulated over 5 years of working for KKR and are experts in the solid surface products field.

Our products are mainly sanitary ware, counter basin, solid surface stool, solid surface reception desk, and so on.


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